Friday, August 27, 2010

Unscripted weekend

We're off to Fenwick for the weekend, featured on the list of places I probably never would've experienced if not for the man I married. It's peaceful and New England and oh so Waspy, and it's truly gorgeous. Katherine Hepburn's former home is just a few houses away. Take a peek at Katherine Hepburn's Fenwick and Kate's Hometown to get a sense of the prettiness that awaits us tonight.

Kate in Her 80's

We're getting back Sunday just in time for the Emmys, which I confess was by design. I don't have a single memory of watching the Emmys in years past, but I can't wait for the awards on Sunday. The quality of television has improved so dramatically in recent years. Television is smarter and edgier and more real than ever before. And by "real" I'm not referencing the scourge of brainlessness known as "reality television," which when not in talent-based competition form I detest like nothing else (and even then am pretty picky). I'm talking scripts and performances and production value here. But in years past, tuning in for awards of "Everybody Loves Raymond" and Season 53 of "ER?" No thanks. But this Sunday, diving into the goodness that was this year's "Modern Family," "Glee," "Dexter," "30 Rock," "Mad Men," and, scarily for me, so many more. I can't even imagine who'll take home Best Comedy and Best Drama ... it's more than I can take!

Honestly, so much good tv makes me nervous. I hate feeling tied to the tube, but I know there are more good series out there I'm not watching. I loved the first season of "United States of Tara," but haven't caught up with it since. And everyone who watches "Breaking Bad" raves about it - plus, it's filmed in my beloved ABQ. Also, I need to get sick and Netflix the entire series of "Damages" so I can know what everyone's talking about. And can we discuss the new Buscemi drama on HBO? Ahhhh!

See, I'm getting nervous just talking about what I'm not watching. But first: family contentment in Fenwick.

Have a happy weekend, everyone!


  1. Last year was the first year I watched the Emmy's and it was really fun! Kind of like the Golden Globes where all the stars are boozing it up at their own tables and actually having a decent time! It also marks the (very very very early) beginning of Awards Season... which is always a good thing!

  2. So maybe you are the right person to ask this question. What do you watch? I am bemused by all the listings, don't even know really what to watch, can't watch a lot because I'm always asleep by 10pm. I'd love to hear the Freckled Citizen's list of what to watch on TV these days. Oh, and I hate reality TV too. Except Rock of Love. I have a crush on Brett Michaels. If you tell anyone I'm done for.

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend! Like you, I am very much looking forward to the Emmys! {So much so that I wrote the world's longest post about it.} I agree that there has been quite a bit of good programming on recently. And I've been watching just about all of it! Oops. I keep repeating to myself "I will not watch any new shows this year. I will not watch any new shows this year." I don't think it's working.

    I've heard good things about Breaking Bad as well but I keep resisting the urge to add more to my DVR. So hard!

    I'll be thinking of you on Sunday while I watch the Emmys. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Enjoy your trip, and soak in some waspyness for me.

    I totally agree that TV (cable and network) has raised the bar in the last few years. I theorize that this has to do with the emergence of technologies like hulu, netflix etc that enable the viewer to watch tv without really watching tv. Networks have had to work harder to bring in an audience. I also think we're finally recovering from the trauma of the writers strike a few years ago.


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