Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hello RED!

So how about a nail biting check-in? I am beaten down from work and travel this week, so 'fessing up my fingernail sins right now is like water off a duck's back. I'll confess it all right now, if it keeps me away from my ringing phone and dinging work inbox.

The good: The nails keep growing! I have cut/filed them three times!

The bad: I cannot stop messing with them unless they're perfectly painted.

Picture me on the train back from Philadelphia the other night, with a brain of mush and pounding sinuses and tired eyes. There's no way I'm doing work or trying to read anything. And oh look! There are my nails that I painted days ago with work-appropriate nude polish that has chipped around the edges, which has prompted me to subtly sharpen the edges with my teeth over two days of mind-numbing meetings! I will now proceed to pick off all the polish over the next two hours!

And then the next day, polish-free, I will subtly nibble at the edges of those nails while editing and pretend it's fine. But it's not fine. Addict! I am powerless without polish.

Unpainted and daaaaangerous: 

Red to the rescue!

My sis has been trying to stop biting her nails, too. She's visiting next weekend, and I told her if she holds out from biting, we'll leave the baby with the boys and go get our nails did.

HA! Things I did not expect to say!

I think these red nails are improving my mood. Grant application due date: August 23. I will be a happy, happy girl when we press 'submit.' Maybe I need red the rest of the month.


  1. So proud of you. I'm hoping you'll come over to the dark side of the nail lacquer obsessed like me. I probably paint my nails every 4 days.

  2. Your wedding ring set looks so much like mine I thought it was a picture of my hand for a second. I always pick at my nails if they aren't perfectly polished as well.

  3. ahh, they look great!! reds and dark pinks are my absolute fav. this summer I've added some blues and greens, but red still encompasses most of my collection. I'll get so excited, finding a "new" color at beauty brands, etc, buy it, rush home to realize it's like, the SLIGHTEST bit different than the other 38 bottles I have. OPI's Big Apple Red, Off With Her Red and Vodka & Caviar are my favs!

  4. they look great! red is my go-to shade, reds and dark pinks. this summer I've branched out into blue and green too... yowza. I get so excited when I find a *new* shade of red, and rush home to realize it's like, just a TINGE off from the 38 other bottles I own. OPI's Off With Her Red, Big Apple Red and Vodka & Caviar are my favs!


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