Wednesday, August 25, 2010

She's Alive!

It's true. And while I'm certainly happy to have a job, I do sometimes wish for a more sustainable pace, something a little steadier than a situation that goes from 0 to 100 in the blink of an eye. The speed limit (or fine, slightly over) is more my speed, thanks.

But since complaining about one's job is the death of any blog readership, let's discuss the other things I've been up to lately:


Yeah really, there hasn't been much else. Although I did escape home for a quick weekend to help my sister with the new nursery. Her doc thought it best she not travel to DC as planned last weekend, so I went there instead. We got a ton of things done for the new baby (only eight weeks away!), and managed more than a few laughs while doing so.

Seriously, every time I want to feel sorry for myself, I imagine trying to do more than my fair share while hugely pregnant with a 14-month-old screaming to be picked up. Then I realize I have it pretty easy.

Now to delve into all million unread items in my Google Reader so I can see just what you all have been up to while I've been away...

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  1. I was just wondering yesterday, "Where the hell is Maggie? I miss her!" I'm glad you're back, sorry you're slammed with work, and are so close that you can go see your sister for the weekend (hurrah East Coast!).


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