Thursday, August 20, 2009

Advantage: Kittenz

We have a problem in our apartment.

See, the dishes that we registered for were discontinued while we were engaged, so we decided to register for as many of them as possible since it was our last chance. It'd be easy to just store them away, we figured, until the pieces we were using needed to be replaced.

Only, our storage room is already full of stuff. And we got distracted. And so the boxes of extra dishes are all sitting in the corner of our living room, still.

Now that they've become a permanent fixture in our living space, our beloved felines Switters and Fanny have taken them over as their own.

To Switters and Fanny, these boxes are the best kitten playground ever. They spend hours each day playing on top of, around, and inside - oh yes, inside - the boxes.

Fierce battles are waged in the opening of this top box. It's the Ground Zero of Kitten Attacks. And truly entertaining to watch.

So, we couldn't deprive them of their favorite playground, right?



  1. My cat LOVES to lay on and play in boxes also. It's so entertaining. Oh and if there is tissue paper inside that's a bonus!

  2. That's like the cheapest (well, for you guys at least since they were gifts) kitty playground ever! You guys are pure genius =)


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