Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Long live letterpress

One of the best things about planning our wedding was how much it reinvigorated my love of paper. Designing our stationery with ABCD was far and away my favorite part of the process, along with playing with color, pattern, and design in general. Being of the paper persuasion isn't something you can easily quit, it turns out. I've found that being a letterpress junkie doesn't stop on your wedding day, or even when that last thank you card is mailed.

My Etsy Favorites list now looks like a who's who of letterpress studios. My blog reader is a glorified support group for paper fiends. I gave up buying single thank you cards, and now buy my favorites by the box instead. I look for any excuses to mail handwritten cards, even though I've become horrified at my now-terrible handwriting (thanks, keyboard!). I give letterpress as gifts, even. I cannot wait to start picking out 2009 holiday cards. I've even starting collecting sympathy cards, congratulations cards, baby cards, you name it. Gotta be prepared!

Which led me to my dilemma: how to store all these cards? Because my big pile on the office desk wasn't cutting it anymore. I started to envision a grand DIY project, where I'd refashion a fun receptacle into a card-holder and cover dividers with decorative paper that would be cutely labeled by subject.

And then, at that bottomless pit of money known as The Container Store, I spotted exactly what I was looking for on a shelf, no DIY required... built-in dividers inside, even.

I mean, I guess I can dress it up with cute paper and labels inside if I want to, but um.... maybe not. ;-) Although boo, one of my adorable vertical cards doesn't fit! (Our cat Fanny is offering to take it away to her secret hiding place that contains all my earrings, if you're wondering what that look in her eyes is.)

So... I guess I need another non-wedding DIY project. But in the meantime, I have more letterpress etsy-ing to do! There so much room in there, after all.


  1. The paper products were far and away my favorite part of wedding planning! This looks fantastic - I may have to venture to the Container store myself!

  2. Ahhhh letter press, it never gets old does it?

  3. I need that box, stat. Kind of glad I live a few hours from the closest Container Store, my bank account would be empty!


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