Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday I'm in Love

I must confess, between Ted Kennedy passing away and lots of ridiculousness at work, it'd be easier to pick three things that saddened or annoyed me this week instead of my usual celebratory stance. But that wouldn't be the Friday style, would it? Thinking positively, then, this week I'm loving:

Cari Long Fine Art Photography

Cari took the most precious photos of my nephew Liam. They are prints only, not digital, which is why you're seeing snapshots of the prints in a frame or on the fridge instead of the real deal. But still... I think you can see how gorgeous these are! He is a cute little thing.

End-of-Summer Goodness in a Bowl

This is my favorite warm-weather pasta salad. It works in small batches for a quick meal, or in huge ones - I once made ten pounds of it for a political fundraiser. Knowing what kind of week was ahead, I made a batch of this early in the week to eat for lunch when it would be too hectic even to run out for a sandwich. It's the little things that make tough weeks easier, and this tomato/feta/herb/orzo concoction does the trick for me every time.

Friends in Fun Places

I've said before that one of my favorite things is watching my fantastic friends do interesting things, and this week was no exception. My dear friend Gene - modern Renaissance man, wedding officiant to yours truly - reported for The News Hour with Jim Lehrer as part of their roundtable this week. It was his second time on the show (he also reported on Election Night), and I swear I burst with pride seeing him do his thang, as Gene would say, for a national audience. Viva PBS! My friend Erik was also tweeted by The Nation this week, which to some of us is pretty hot stuff. Round of applause for two of my favorite guys!!!


  1. Liam is so precious!

    Great work, Gene and Erik!

  2. Pictures are great and that dish looks fab. No lunch = wanting to eat my screen.

  3. Awwww - he is a cutie isn't he!!! Sorry I'm a bit late on this one :-) Trying to catch up!


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