Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oinky ooh-la-la

As a native North Carolinian whose family knows a thing or two about hogs, I am an unabashed connoisseur of all things pork. Pork tenderloin, pork shoulder, pork belly, BACON ANYTHING... you name it. So you can imagine my delight when I stumbled upon these brilliant letterpress posters, which bring together my love of pork and Hatch Show Print letterpress in perfect harmony:

I think we all know how much I need to own the "noun not verb" print, don't we?

On a side note, this isn't my first blog post to combine pork and paper... perhaps I should begin a Porky Paper series?

Bonus pork paper product
: Adorable pig portrait letterpress card!

UPDATE: Resistance was futile. Pork, The Noun: headed my way.


  1. Pig is my favorite food. Mmmmmm. Those posters are awesome! Have you ever checked out Yee Haw Industries? Their work is similar.

  2. Samma, I adore Yee Haw Industries! One of my Etsy faves.

  3. Ummmm YES. Pork: Noun, Not Verb must be yours.

  4. Ooooh piggy piggy! Pork is a food group in this house. Love the prints, they are so you! Vintage lettering, clever turns of phrase... I say get em.

  5. Pork: Noun. Not the verb.


  6. Letter press? Meh.

    The goodness at that website 4505meats.com? Oh yeah.


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