Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hi, blog! Nice to have you back again! GRRRR.....

What should I learn from my blogging experience this weekend? It went something like this:
1. Coming home on Friday night and logging into Blogger to fix a (gasp!) typo on the top post at Freckled Citizen.

2. "Your Blogger account has been disabled." EEK.

3. Finding out that my various partners in crime for all three of my blogs - Trevor (The F-Word from Eat, Drink, Marry) and the lovely Marjorie and Mikaela from m-pyre - had been disabled, too.

4. While Freckled Citizen and m-pyre's URLs were still working (even though I couldn't access Blogger to create new posts or edit existing posts), Eat, Drink, Marry gave me the notice "This blog has been removed."

5. Seeing that an extremely large number of people were screaming their heads off over on the Blogger Help Forum about the exact same thing happening to them on Friday night. We're talking large-scale and massive frustration.

6. Leaving countless forum posts, filling out countless forms, sending endless tweets, and sending endless e-mails to Blogger/Google but receiving absolute, resounding silence from them... and seeing even more people plea for help all day Saturday on the forum and on Twitter.

7. Frustratingly waiting for resolve all weekend (when I normally don't blog anyway) wondering if I'd get my blogs back, what I'd do if they were permanently deleted, and basically bitching about how unfair the whole thing was.

8. Sunday night... ta-da! My blogs and blog access reappeared.

Now am I supposed to be jumping up and down and thanking Blogger for returning my blogs to me? Well, no. Because it never should've happened in the first place. Is the answer here "you get what you pay for," which in Blogger's case, is nothing? Is migrating to Wordpress (which I'm not a fan of) the only solution? Anyone have any gems of wisdom or advice? Because to me this weekend is a big warning to run far away from Blogger, or risk it all happening again. Only, I'm not sure what action that implies. Sigh... any ideas?


  1. How incredible frustrating! I would be furious.

    I moved to SquareSpace at the beginning of the year- it does cost but I really like the platform so it works for me. And I like it a lot better than blogger and definitely more than Wordpress. So might be an option if you decide to move on from Blogger.

  2. Thanks Tara! I'll definitely look into SquareSpace.

  3. While this situation is annoying, after 4 (5?) years of using Blogger, I've never once had a problem. And it has by far the easiest posting format.

  4. I actually use WordPress for my blog and I still had the same problem! So weird!

  5. I cross-posted this on EDM, too, and over there, Nole from Oh So Beautiful Paper recommended TypePad.

  6. Hello again - putting your fancy new URL into my Reader!

    How insanely annoying about the Blogger issue. I've been wondering myself whether I should switch over to another platform, but can't seem to find a consensus on what the best alternative is . . .

  7. Hate Wordpress. My one and only blogging experience was so crappy on that I can't even talk about it...


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