Wednesday, August 12, 2009

[Girl] With The Thorn in [Her] Side

Fritzed-out (again) air conditioning in my car + 30-mile-away work meeting and driving tour of the town = Driving T's fun new car instead of mine today!

Listening to Sirius' 1st Wave station in the cool AC makes me so happy, I want to move into the car.

If I purchased a Sirius radio for my apartment, I could live in the 1st Wave experience, quite literally, which would prevent me from having to move out of our apartment. And at home, I could instantly download songs that I love but don't own, instead of trying to type songs to download into my phone while driving. Safety and all.

Did I mention that our fuzzy NPR reception and unreliable Internet stream at home are the bane of my existence? And that Sirius NPR at home would alleviate my morning stress about not properly hearing Morning Edition?

And did I also mention that having strong NPR reception at all times was a wedding vow? Well it was, because I wrote it for Trevor to recite. (Hey, fair's fair - he wrote my vows!) So really, it's fundamental to our marriage that we go ahead and take care of this.

I think that about covers it, don't you?


  1. ha! i do--T. better get cracking on that...

  2. Sirius completes my life. First Wave is one of my presets. Check out Little Steven's Underground Garage for some serious rock - Raconteurs are regulars. I also like a bunch of the silly talk programming on Out-Q.

  3. Hee- Sirius has changed my life. I'm with Nancy- love Little Stevens Underground Garage. My brother and I installed sirius on our boat as well as vehicles. Sidenote- I have driven Audis for the last 9 years and love them.

    P.S. did you watch Top Chef Masters last night? I think I would rather crush on Chiarello than work for him.


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