Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bigger brainpower begins here

As you'll remember from my resolutions, I want to write more, better, and smarter in 2010. My sanity depends on it.

One little housekeeping item here related to that bigger resolution: I'm revitalizing my delicious account as a way to organize the amount of brain food I collect. By doing so, I hope that I'll once again want to take on issues near and far, big and small with my own words, instead of just momentarily pondering them.

I've had an intermittent relationship with delicious. I used it ages ago fairly routinely, when it was easy to tag articles for friends of mine and there was a great Firefox extension to help me bookmark links. For whatever reason, my Firefox extension crapped out on me and I could never fix it. Then delicious changed their tools a bit. And now my corporate IT department has clamped down on all things user-friendly, and I'm stuck with Internet Explorer during the daytime. Eventually, delicious came to be used here mostly just to collect my cooking links, which you see at the top of the right sidebar. But I was even slacking off with that.

New Year, new rule. I will be a better delicious user. And you can keep me accountable on the right sidebar, where a feed will show the five most recent articles I've bookmarked (right underneath my Goodreads bookshelf). Maybe some of my nerdy interests will interest you. Maybe this time I'll keep it up. My dormant writing instincts certainly hope so.

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  1. I also have an intermittent relationship with Delicious. I always forget about it or if I get logged out then I can't remember by password etc. I have become addicted to my Google bookmarks but that is not so great for sharing... I look forward to seeing what you collect into delicious!


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