Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Weary Kind

As I said last week, Crazy Heart is my favorite movie of the year. It's a fantastic film and a truly amazing performance from Jeff Bridges. The music, though? It lives on. And on and on and on. The night we got home from seeing the film, I downloaded four songs* from the soundtrack and they've been playing on repeat ever since. (I'm not alone, either - I've suckered my pal Kate into the Crazy Heart obsession, too.)

I know Crazy Heart's just now opening in smaller markets, so really, go see it if you haven't already.

Ryan Bingham, singer/songwriter responsible for the gorgeous "Weary Kind," played the couldn't-be-sweeter musician in the film who saved the performance of a drunken Bad Blake in southern New Mexico. He's only 28, and wrote the song in a night. Those insanely talented, old soul types kill me. Here's a great interview where he talks about the process:

And finally... the song for those of you not already obsessed:

Oscar nominations are out Tuesday. "Weary Kind" for best original song... who's with me?

*My lineup: Hold On You, Fallin' & Flyin' (the live duet version), Brand New Angel, and The Weary Kind


  1. I haven't seen it yet, but it's a good song. Plus that guy has such a classic country gravelly voice, its awesome in and of itself. Isn't he the guy that went to get a beer when his Golden Globe win was announced?

    Its sort of disconcerting to recognize locations in movies, because it snaps you out of the story for a minute. Just from the preview and that video I saw a couple of recognizable places. Especially since the places are usually out of context in the movies, or they'll use a culvert manufacturing factory as a music venue or whatever. Interesting.

  2. Sasha, YES! There are so many recognizable settings - you'll have fun with it.

  3. I'll definitely go see it. However, when I went to check the film times, I saw 8 other movies that I've been wanting to see as well. Sometimes the pre-Oscar season is a pain.

  4. You have GOT to download the entire soundtrack... actually, what am I saying? I shall burn you a CD. Duh, Kate. Townes Van Zandt singing "If I Needed You" takes me straight back to my dad singing to me before bedtime!

  5. I saw this on Saturday and I couldn't even move when the credits started rolling. I waited until the song was over. It was the best movie I had seen in so long. I can't wait to see it again! Going to get the soundtrack on my way home from work today.

    Good luck with your move!


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