Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday I'm in Love

Three little videos to carry us through to the weekend ... Have a fantastic one, everybody!

Suits the Musical

I'm a huge "How I Met Your Mother" fan, and this song for their 100th Episode should make you smile even if you don't follow the show, or know all about Barney and his penchant for expensive suits and many, many, many women. I've been crushing on Neil Patrick Harris for ages now... from the days of Doogie, to selling him coffee in a great local store in Albuquerque (he grew up there! ABQ shout-out!!), to hearing that he was kicking ass on Broadway, to loving every minute of Barney and the other characters on HIMYM, to applauding his decision to come out with as much grace as he did, to following him on Twitter and constantly snorting at his sense of humor. A good one, this guy. Who can also SING!

Hitler finds out about Conan

You've surely heard about the Conan/Leno drama this week... here it is a nutshell, if not. Proud member of Team Conan over here, by the way. (His letter, seriously? So stand-up of him. HA!) I wasn't the only one who took the news badly. Hitler, who was planning a nice Southern California vacation to see the show live, was quite upset to hear that Conan had been supplanted. This video might not be your style of humor, but me? Peels of laughter every time I watch this. Which is a few times. Several, maybe. Okay: I can't stop watching it. There, you have me.

Light Writing Proposal

I saw this over on White Thread and was completely blown away. First, this proposal took place in Raleigh (Raleigh shout-out!!). Second, it involves "light writing," which the groom describes in fantastic nerdy detail with explanatory photos here. Third, the footage leading up to the proposal in this video is a soft montage set against an alt soundtrack that makes my heart sing. (Related, almost any soft montage set to an alt soundtrack will make my heart sing.) Light writing: the coolest thing I never even knew existed until this week. Congrats Derick and Emily!


  1. I just spent .4 billable hours reading about light writing. Oops! So intriguing- such time and patience. Not sure if Hubs could have taken that kind of build up to his proposal.

  2. And my post today will probably just be linking to yours because I love HIMYM - especially this week's episode, I'm on team Coco, and I watched the the proposal thing earlier this week and thoroughly enjoyed it - especially since my name is Emily too:) Happy Friday!

  3. That Hitler video is HI-Larious. The SUV line was the highlight for me.


    I just really wanted to see the last moment be Hitler pulling out his gun and putting it to his head.

    The thing for me? I think they both suck. Letterman's my man, through and through.


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