Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday I'm in Love

Somehow the last week has been both the longest and shortest of my life. And next Friday will be, gulp, my last day in Dallas. Crazy! My three quick hits for the week:

You Had Me At Health Insurance

Until the wonderful day when there is universal health care in this country, why not go ahead and flaunt the love and magic involved in using someone for their health insurance? Happy Valentine's Day to that! (And remember... not everyone in this country is afforded the right to marry someone just for their benefits. Read more at our wedding charity of choice, Freedom to Marry.) This brilliant Health Insurance Valentine is from owlyshadowpuppet, who also makes "I Still Know Which Records Are Mine."

BookBook MacBook Cover

Now this is how you protect a laptop, folks. BookBook makes these one-of-a-kind hardback leather cases in black and red. Wouldn't one be a fantastic gift for your Valentine? Or, you know, a reason to buy a MacBook? Amazing! (Found via Oh Joy!)

Wooden Memory Stick

 I own about ten little memory sticks, and can never seem to keep track of them. They're so small and so easily lost in bags and folders. These little guys, though? I love their rustic vibe, and they're way too adorable to lose. Wooden Memory Sticks hold 2 GBs of info - not too shabby. The perfect February "stocking stuffer," methinks. (Found via The Bedlam of Beefy)

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