Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Every morning while I get ready for work, our cat Fanny sits next to a painting of my old dog Jack on the edge of the bathtub and watches me. I love that she does this; I like to think that she and Jack would've been thick as thieves, had they known each other. (Small fuzzy black cat and 140-lb gentle giant as best friends? It's practically a Lifetime movie.) She waits there until I'm ready, then trots out to her food bowl for breakfast. A kitten of patterns, this one.*

Everyone's striking the Fanny pose this week, made to wait patiently (or not so patiently) to hear some news or direction regarding Ye Olde Job Search. I'm not sure that I look as cute as Fanny does while waiting for the next move (and my nervous habits certainly give her the upper hand in elegance), but at least I cause less trouble around our place than she does. (Broken hurricane globe and thrown-up Christmas ribbon and general mishief OMG.)

So before I start leaping over decorative items and smirking as they shatter into a million pieces, let's get some news already, k? (I also notice that Fanny doesn't depend on wine and cheese to soothe her frayed, impatient nerves. Interesting.)

*Meanwhile, our other cat Switters yawns and wonders why we don't just luxuriously lounge around until we hear something. Kind of a good question, actually.


  1. Such a terrific photo. If only we all could wait with such quiet elegance.

    But more importantly, sending you thoughts of patience for Ye Olde Job Search.

  2. Oh, my dear. Keep in mind Mr. D has been in negotiations with Mr. Miami for this job since last FEBRUARY. The Los Angeles job... since April.

    If you only have to wait a week... feel blessed.

    I know it's hard... the "not knowing." I would do just about anything to have answers at this point. It's hard to go on with life when you're paralyzed waiting for what will be to BE.

    Hang in there.

  3. Thanks Mel! And Amy, while we've defiintely been waiting longer than a week, I totally appreciate your point - I can't imagine the extent of not knowing you two have gone through in the last year. I certainly don't take anything for granted, and hope you two find your way any minute now!

  4. Yay Jack! He and Fanny would definitely hit it off. She would totally be the annoying younger sister! Hang in there. Patience is a virtue as we both know. Easier said than done, of course. Hope you hear something soon!!

  5. What a cute picture. My cat is pretty obsessed with hanging out with me while I get ready in the morning too. Only he won't sit there quietly. He has to howl and rub between my legs the whole time. Pretty annoying.

    Sending positive thoughts your way on the job search.

  6. My doxie loves to sit on my lap while I sit on the floor indian style and apply my make-up. Animals are so funny. Good luck with the job search.

  7. I love love that picture. Who did the painting of Jack?

    Maggie, I am so impressed with your zen-like air of patience. I would be going nuts, because patience is a virtue I definitely lack. Also, I am a closet control freak/life planner. I need to learn from your excellent example.

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  9. Samma, the painting was a gift from my bff Heather. It was painted by Amanda Williams in North Carolina. Here's her website: http://www.amandawilliamsdesigns.com/AWD_Website/Home.html.

  10. I hear ya on playing the perpetual waiting game. It took us forever to get jobs and move to the same city, and now our house-buying process is turning into a very stressful game of negotiations and waiting. I just want to pack and move already.

    Fingers crossed it works out as you hope! xoxo


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