Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday I'm in Love (abridged facial hair edition!)

I'm a wee bit distracted this week, as you might have gathered. We'll be in DC this weekend finding an apartment. You know, just that place we will live for the next year of our lives. Starting really, really soon. EEK! We return to Dallas Monday night, at which time we are presumably calm and collected and ready to pack up 5,000 pounds of belongings (the mover's estimate... seriously) and get our acts together.  

So on that note, I only have two picks for you this week. But I'm not apologizing, because they're thematic, okay? I get a tad bit more credit this way, even if I'm missing one.

T's unemployment beard

I haven't yet entered the bittersweet stage of saying goodbye to our current zip code (even though MM has, and she is a darling for it), but I'll get there once my head clears. In the meantime, the only truly bittersweet goodbye I've really fully developed is for T's out-of-work facial hair. There's certainly lots to be said for smooth skin and dress pants and great shirts and the like - and they're coming with his new job, which of course I'm incredibly thankful for - but I've so enjoyed my scruffy House Husband this winter. This is a man who still fairly consistenly jokes that he's too clean cut for me (my previous partners were, let's say, a tad hairier than my preppy Nutmeg Stater), so you know I'm hanging on to my beard memories while they're fresh.

The true highlight of this week, though, which also involves fabulous facial hair?

"Crazy Heart"

This film is brilliant and beautiful, and absolutely my favorite thing I've seen this year. Jeff Bridges is tremendous. Just incredible. I mean, he was and is and always will be The Dude, but he is without question Bad Blake, too. The songs he performs in this film are so downright gorgeous and bare that I simply can't hear them enough; they've been on constant replay in our place ever since we saw the film. Seriously, go see this. Just do it. And while I'm at it, Jeff Bridges' website? Kind of unfairly cool.


  1. DC welcomes you with open arms Maggie! Can't wait to read about your adventures here :) Best of luck with your move.

  2. So Jeff Bridge's best work since "Stick It"? In all seriousness, I do adore that movie. I can't wait to see Crazy Heart, which of course is not playing here. Probably for weeks upon weeks. Ugh. Have an awesome weekend in DC!

  3. And, yes, Jeff Bridge+bathrobe= The Dude forevermore.

  4. I saw on Mojito Maven's post that you were moving to DC, so I thought I would stop by and say hi! It is a great place to live and I am sure you will love it here (after the initial adjustment, of course). Good luck with apartment hunting!

  5. He was on Oprah today and he was so adorable!

  6. I REALLY want to see that! We call our son the dude a la Lebowski!

  7. i like a little scruff on my man too... :)

    good luck with the transition... have a blast!

  8. Ima try again... Blogger still hates my wordpress id for some reason.

    Saw it, loved it, can't get the song outta my head. And nice posting synchronicity, by the way. Mom said the double recommendation made her put the movie theater on her to-do list.


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