Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Globes o' Cuteness

And you thought our Crafty Christmas was relegated to hooch! Nope. Waaaay classier than that over here.

Please admire our glass marble magnets. These were so easy and fun to make that we actually ended up gifting them to about a dozen people. Seriously... I couldn't stop making them.

Although they photograph terribly, these little magnified globes are super-adorable in person. They're not only a snap to make, but really economical, too - all the supplies for twice as many magnets as I needed cost $10, and that included the circle punch that I bought to avoid cutting tiny circles for days on end. So if you're less lazy and more precise than I am, you're looking at a cool $7. Anyone out there looking for a DIY wedding favor? These could definitely fit the bill.

It amused me to personalize everyone's selection. Each person on our gift list received one of our campaign logos (no, they never get old, in case you were wondering), an initial, and one or two other fun things (for my siblings, their kids' faces; for my hometown bff, Louboutins and martinis; for my aunt, a UNC logo... you get the idea). I also made a yellow and gray set for my sister-in-law, in honor of her yellow and gray wedding in May. Cute little circles. Cute little glass marbles. Lots o' cuteness.

And thus continues my low-skill Crafty Christmas report.


  1. So how exactly did you make them, O Crafty One?

  2. Love, love my magnets!! They're on full display on my fridge. Thanks again!

  3. How did you make them? Tutorial, please! :)


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