Friday, February 26, 2010

At least it's over?

At the moment I'm curled up in bed, listening to NPR, checking in on my work e-mail, sipping coffee, listening to the wind howl outside, and blogging. Why, you ask? BECAUSE I CAN.

Oh, how I've missed this bed.

The movers came yesterday, three weeks after they picked up our stuff and two weeks after they said they'd arrive. We made it work to the best of our abilities for those three weeks, but ...

Oh how I've missed this bed.

We are not done with this company. Besides owing us a refund for how horrible their service was over the three weeks we waited, they also took it upon themselves to do the following:

  • Smash some of our super-nice patio furniture
  • Smash the side of our great-looking living room bookcase
  • Tear off the hardware of our coffee table trunk
  • Scratch the visible corner of our wooden bed frame
  • Scratch and mar with white paint (?!) our dining table
  • Okay, scratch pretty much all wooden furniture
  • Do something weird to the bottom of our couch
  • Break a lamp
  • Irreparably dent a stainless steel trashcan
  • Etc.

It takes a true commitment to be this awful, don't you think? We're submitting claims forms and taking pictures and hoping for the best. So I'm just going to hang out here in bed for a while and try getting over it all.

Moving on soon from this stage of transitional whine, I promise.


  1. Moving can be BRUTAL! My best advice to anyone moving is to invest in the full insurance. We learned the hard way too :( However in the latest move, they refinished everything, and some of the pieces look better than they did before!

  2. I cannot believe how terrible they have been. Yikes! Best of luck in recouping some serious cash from them. Y'all deserve medals for dealing with all of this.

  3. Oh shug. I'm so sorry about the careless and tardy movers. However, SO happy for you that you are curled up on an actual mattress, opposed to one composed of air.

  4. Man oh man, what a nightmare! I think your story is one of the worst I've heard (not that that is any consolation!) In my experience getting damage reimbursement from moving companies is a big pain, but it can be done--just be persistent!

  5. Oh my gracious. We're considering a move and that makes me positively terrified. We might just have to stay put.

  6. I'm so sorry! Our movers destroyed everything on our last move. When they arrived all of our stuff was in a giant crate and when the pulled off the side of the crate half our crap fell off the truck and onto the pavement. We got a huge check...and lots of new furniture.

  7. This makes me so sad. Sending positive thoughts your way! And enjoy that bed -- you deserve every inch of it.

  8. SUE THEM! YOU KNOW LAWYERS! Of course, I don't know how to sue someone. I bet Kate does though...

  9. Ugh! I'm so very sorry.

    What is it about moving companies? I have yet to have or hear about a 100% positive experience, but yours sounds like a particularly bad experience. Ick.

  10. This is so shitty. I'm really sorry.

  11. oh maggie, this stinks! i'm so happy your worldly possessions finally found their way back to you, but sorry to read about the condition they arrived home in.

  12. Wow! What a nightmare! I cannot imagine having to live without my furniture for 3 weeks and then finding out that they destroyed a good deal of it. What a pain.

  13. What a flipping nightmare! I am so sorry! This is unreal how horrible they treated your belongings! I hope you guys get everything in order soon!


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