Friday, February 12, 2010

On barbecue

My brother sent me this video today, and it's too good not to share. It's basically this book set to song, and it makes me grin.

I'm reminded of two Thanksgivings ago, when we were here in DC celebrating with T's sister and fantasizing about being able to live here, in this city right in between our families. The capstone for me - beyond knowing that the fam is just a five-hour drive away - was biting into a real eastern North Carolina barbecue sandwich at Eastern Market, served with collards. That weekend, there was no doubt we had to figure out how to get ourselves here. And now here we are, having finally stumbled upon the plan that made it happen. I now live in a city with eastern NC barbecue, folks - this is huge.

Maybe this weekend I'll find myself some homestyle barbecue and celebrate being back East. Both my sisters-in-law are here this weekend (including A all the way from Europe!), so we're sure to get into some kind of trouble.

To finding where you belong and then getting there (even if it takes longer than you might have wished), and to whatever style of barbecue suits you best... Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. I'm sure you can imagine the amount of discussion barbeque generates in our household. Morgan, being from Asheville, obviously prefers NC style, which I deride as dry and sauceless. I like TN style better, but truly prefer SC's mustard based, which Morgan turns his nose up at. This is why we had 3 types for the pig at our wedding. Thank god there are no Alabama white bbq sauce connections in my household. That would be overkill.

  2. Maggie,

    Thank you for the lovely words on my post at We Love DC. I promise that this city is easy to warm too. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask!

    Also, Amy is wonderful -- we held a contest together on my blog earlier in the Fall!


  3. Samma! Three types of pig! You just stole whatever parts of my heart you had not already stolen ;-).

    HOWEVER, I must point out that your husband's barbecue preference is for WESTERN NC barbecue, which really couldn't be more different than my beloved EASTERN NC barbecue. (Okay, technically Alabama white sauce could "be more different," but still... seriously... WHY WOULD YOU USE A WHITE SAUCE?!)

    Samantha: Thank YOU!

  4. Hey Maggie, I think we are cooking a pig at the house sometime in April for Nicole's Mom's 50th b-day. I'll send details when available.

    I knew you would like that BBQ song, it cracks me up. The funniest part to me is when they say SC is "off".... Makes me laugh just thinking about it because it is so true...

  5. Wait, you can get good eastern NC barbecue at Eastern Market??? Please send me more info!


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