Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dress my bed!

I'm sad to report that the downtown DC West Elm is closing. Really, I am. But I'm happy to report that all items in the store are now an extra 15% off already marked-down prices. Gotta focus on that silver lining, because despite the bigger picture problem of retail downtown, I really wanted a new headboard. And I might have been stalking one from West Elm for some time now. Yesterday, I scored it... at a major discount!

There's something really satisfying about purchasing a new headboard. It feels quite adult of me, and I love that I bought it myself. We've owned West Elm's tall bed frame for years, topped with another WE headboard that T found as a floor model. The headboard worked fine, but I've never loved it. I like to think it'll make someone on Craigslist very happy soon. This one, though? So soft and pretty without being too feminine. And how fantastic would it look with a brightly colored wall behind it?

It's funny... I've been having so much trouble finding bedroom decor inspiration. Our current stuff is the bedding in this photo, and while we love the color and the vibe, the fit of the duvet has never been quite right for our bed.

So we're open to something new, but what? Looking for new bedding has been such a nightmare. Everything out there right now seems either white or pale gray (not interested), pastel (too girly for T), bright but terribly designed, or made of fabric that makes me cringe. What's a color-lover to do when it comes to bedding?

While we're talking bedding, let's take a step back in time...

See, there's the whole matter of "single Maggie" bedding that comes into play from time to time. T and I have a long-running joke about the colors and prints that I'd surround myself with if not for him. When applied to bedding, the term inevitably refers to something shockingly bright and printed, probably from Anthropologie. When he met me I was living the single Maggie lifestyle, and oh how I miss this bedding:

I had a deep purple bedskirt and a million crazy pillows and my social justice prints on the walls. Of course I did. And he fell in love with that girl, I'd like to remind him! Bright colors and loud prints and all!

I can already hear him calling for his sunglasses after that image...

Give me your best bedding inspiration. I feel like I've seen 'em all, so prove me wrong.


  1. Ooh, I love bedding! Great choice of a headboard. Pottery barn has a lot of nice patterns right now with a lot of reds. My favorite is the Peacock, but that might be too girly.
    Its cheap, but really like some of the ikea bedding, most are actually soft and hold up well. And you can change them out with the seasons. My favorite is Alvine LJUV a crewel-like pattern with vibrant colors. Have Fun!

  2. I like some of the Target Dwell Studio stuff...

  3. In college I wanted a simple toile duvet cover, but none were to be found. Since I am ridiculously picky, I mean, very particular, I made my own with the fabric, and a flat sheet as the back. My mama is a far better seamstress than I, so she assisted, but it's an option when you get sick of the same old thing you see everywhere in stores.

  4. We went with an organic, neutral duvet cover (, but now I need to add some color to the room! Blog post coming soon.

  5. That's so funny! I just wrote a blog post on my quest for better bedding here:

    Good luck!

  6. I love this from Pottery Barn and I have had really good luck with their Organic bedding...washes like a dream. And it's on sale! I think it would look great with the headboard, it's not too loud but has a splash of color and you could do a wall in the orangey-red color...

  7. Oh, I'm so jealous! Love that headboard!

  8. I'm with you on bright colors ... all anthro quilts make my heart tear up a little bit! This might be too much on the gray side of things (although I believe its blue), but these photos pretty much took my breath away when I saw them - I think the whole room is SO well put together... plus, she has a similar headboard! BONUS POINTS: The duvet is actually Anthro!

  9. I think we're the same person sometimes, Maggy. Speaking of West Elm, I thought this sheet set had a nice mix of colorful patterns and masculine stripes:

    Click on the third and fourth pictures.

  10. I think red would work great with that headboard.

    I had Anthro bedding pre-Mr. A. I still mourn for it :(

  11. Sundance catalogue has a beautiful quilt made from old saris that I am lusting after. I am trying to figure out a way to get a similar one made from sari swatches I can buy myself in Little India.

  12. The bedroom in the house we live in was pink till the weekend after we got back from the honeymoon. Then began the process of man-i-fying our home. I was only a little bit sad to see the pink go, but on occasion I miss it. There's always the guest room! :)

  13. We have a very similar headboard that we got at Pier 1 five years ago and love it. You can mix and match bedding however you want. I wish I could help you with the bedding. I have such a hard time deciding what I want.

  14. I'm happy to report that all items in the store are now an extra 15% off already marked-down prices.

    Non allergenic bedding


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