Monday, February 22, 2010

Color me a little less crazy

To call a place a home, I really need a red wall somewhere. And so instead of wallowing in our move-related misery, we decided to channel our angst into some good old-fashioned wall-painting. I now have my red wall. Two, actually! And I have a yummy olive green wall. And a sage green bathroom. And a silvery-gray office. And blue walls to come! I'm an unabashed color freak, I know. Take a look at our progress... from bare white walls and depression to something a little more me (please excuse the dark photos... doing the best I can over here with a now half-broken camera as well!):

Hello kitchen! It's there somewhere underneath the paint-related sprawl. But my new rug really does tie the room together, wouldn't you say, Lebowski?

I love this color. This is the little nook where our dining table (a bar table, really) and a bookcase will go.

The whole effect, as seen from our patio WHICH FINALLY HAS NO SNOW!

Wheeee! More red! We can't reach the top of it without the step ladder that's in the moving truck (the ceilings are ten feet-ish in here), so this is it for now. And we picked up this tv stand at Ikea because our old tv stand is too long for this space. We're not sure we'll be in this apartment longer than a year, so getting an investment piece to fit this funny space or mounting this huge boy tv on the wall both seem like a silly idea. So, a piece of furniture we can ignore instead. Works for now!

Here's the guest room/office, which is a pretty silvery gray. There's no overhead light in this room, and as our only lamp inexplicably broke, we're having trouble finishing this room during our nighttime painting sessions. But I'm definitely liking its direction. The opposite wall will be a pretty cornflower blue lined with bookcases, and that top section you see will be a deep navy blue. My new desk is more practical than lovely (it's an Ikea Expedit), but since I'm working from home now, a strong organizational system will be really critical for me. I don't think the desk will look nearly as industrial once it's filled with my work things and topped with crazy wedding cans topped with fabric pomanders. I'm really looking forward to having a bunch of our wedding stuff in here. It all makes me so happy to look at, and I think it'll be perfect for an energizing work space. Bonus: the adjoining bathroom will feature a shower curtain made from some of our wedding table fabric!

Here's our master bath in a pretty sage green. The real star, though? This shower head we installed in our awesomely large shower. Seriously, folks, it's the best $60 at Bed Bath and Beyond you'll ever spend.

C'mon, furniture... we are waiting for you!
(current ETA Wednesday, Feb 24)


  1. You know, I actually kind of LOVE that IKEA desk! Cubbies make me oddly happy and I think its going to look amazing once all the little nooks are filled... Perhaps my new place of business will let me bring in my own desk?

  2. The red in the kitchen looks awesome! I also love the idea of using your wedding table linens as a shower curtain. Such a cute way to incorporate pieces of you special day!

  3. Love the paint job... and super jeal of your DC sq footage!

  4. I'm with Kate- I think the Ikea desk will be great once the room is cluttered up. Love all the colors!

  5. Your place is starting to look like a home! I wish we could add color to our walls -- someday I will have a red wall, too. And I love how you plan to incorporate your wedding into the space. Here's to hoping your belongings arrive tomorrow!!!

  6. WOW-zA! You're allowed to paint a rental?!

    Look at all this color. Love it. The red reminds me of your wedding invitation envelopes, no?

    So sorry that your movers are jerking you around. You poor things!

    Just think, this is giving you the opportunity to live with your apartment - and get a feel for it. Once all the stuff arrives, it will be about unpacking and finding a spot for everything ~ this was just a little respite for you to prepare for all the nesting to be done!

  7. Nice job with the paint! Guess you made the best of not having your stuff there, aka nothing to move around while you were getting all this work done :)

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