Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Far from settled, but here

We made it! While moving out was as full of headaches as it always is ("wait, we forgot to pack up this drawer!" as the movers pull away from the building...), we did it. We piled into the car with some shell-shocked kittens, a big boy tv, a small bag of clothes each, an air mattress, the barest of kitchen items, and off we went...

Day 1 (Night 1, really) we drove from Dallas to eastern Mississippi, then crashed in a totally sketchy motel. On Day 2 we made it to my parents in NC, full of laughter at Dan Brown's writing (really, Dan? the lame villain you've written actually hand-crafted that piece of vellum he's using for this ritual from a living lamb?) and ready for a reprieve from road food. Given that Snowmageddon hit DC over the weekend, we were wavering on whether we'd make the trip or delay it a day, but woke up on Sunday and decided to give it a go. The roads were actually great until about 30 minutes outside of the city, and even then it wasn't dangerous, just really slow.

Here's what we found when we arrived in our new apartment Sunday night:

That's our patio with 2 feet of snow on it. Hmmmm.....

I drove T to his first day of work the next morning and felt like quite the winter weather badass doing so. Some of the roads are clearer than others. The best have one clear lane open for traffic in each direction. The worst look kind of like the street across from our apartment (which just yesterday was still full of snow-covered cars):

Turns out we're supposed to get dumped on again tonight. At first they called for just a few inches - no biggie, really, when there are snowpiles taller than people at every intersection. But then the weather gods said 10 inches. And then the local NPR newscaster came on with, "I'm really sorry to have to report to you all that we're upping the snow prediction by another eight inches." So here I am, writing in the first few minutes of the official "winter storm warning" window, and the City is officially expecting 10-20" snow tonight. On top of the 2-3 feet already here.

But never fear! I have a fridge full of food and can cook to my heart's content all throughout the storm... ummm, no I can't. We didn't have room for many kitchen items in the car, so I'm surviving on the barest of essentials here. Without my collection of special ingredients, the pots and pans to cook them in, and the tools to transform them, we'll be eating Plain Jane for a while longer. I only hope Snowmageddon 2 doesn't delay the moving trucks. Not being able to make the perfect snowed-in soup is killing me. Also, I'd kind of like to wear a different pair of pants.

And by the way, what in the world are we going to do with our patio furniture when it gets here?


  1. You are going to have to become people who own plastic furniture covers. Now that you are back in a land with winter you'd better make sure that you plant some evergreens in your patio pots-- that way it'll look pretty even if you can't comfortably sit out there!

  2. Sasha, you have no idea what sorts of horticulture plans I have brewing - our patio is huge! It's a crazy shape and impossible to get in one photo, but there's so much room for green, I love it!

  3. You mean you didn't have room in your car for your Dutch oven and your immersion blender? Bummer! I hope the moving trucks arrive soon!

  4. Ha! I was walking around the grocery store in a daze today. "Can't make that, can't make that, can't make that..." This girl needs her toys back!

  5. Great, can't wait to see it implemented!

  6. Can't wait to see more pictures. Love that y'all arrived in the biggest snow storm in a long long while. Such a badass for driving on those roads!

  7. I'm sending good vibes over to DC so that you can have some hot soup while you watch snowmageddon.
    We still sit on furniture that is supposed to be patio furniture, so no judgement here if you decide to break it out in the living room!

  8. I so glad to hear that your trip was safe - I was thinking of you over the weekend. Someday you guys will be saying "remember when we moved to DC during that huge storm!" Fingers crossed for you on moving trucks arriving as scheduled!

  9. And I almost forgot - your view is gorgeous + I am so jealous of your huge patio :)


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