Monday, February 1, 2010

Chuckles and cheers for Johnny

I have a new crush. Well, an old crush, but one who's come back in full force. And this crush looms so large that, well... it's determining how we transport a television to our new apartment and when we're getting cable hooked up. Because frankly, if you think I'm missing a second of the Olympics or Be Good Johnny Weir, you're kidding yourself.

I mean, seriously.

Be Good Johnny Weir is on the Sundance channel, and it is as fabulous as you would expect from a documentary series about "The Swan." It's full of sequins, bubble baths, one-liners, parody, and high drama in skates. And while I applaud fabulousness as much as anyone else, it turns out I have a genuine rooting interest in Johnny. I really do want him to do well at the Olympics. Also, I really want to see some of this in Vancouver:

Men's skating begins Tuesday, February 16, and Be Good Johnny Weir is on the Sundance channel on Monday nights.

PS: I tried posting clips from the show, but the code's funny. Go watch them here instead.


  1. Ergh, the Sundance Channel is the main reason that I sometimes want cable! (Did you watch Man Shops Globe?) This totally made me laugh, which is a great way to start a Monday. Thanks!

  2. ummmm somehow I've never checked out the sundance channel, but it is the first thing I plan to do when I get home tonight!!

  3. I. LOVE. IT.

    seriously. I just watch that skating video TWICE and to be honest, I might again.

  4. Ugh. How I wish we got sundance! I adore figure skating to the point of obsession. Seriously - like I used to post frequently on fan boards and get into lengthy discussions about who was better - Michelle Kwan or Sasha Cohen. Yikes.

  5. HA, Elizabeth! I love that you just outed yourself. :-)

  6. Holy cow. I've never seen this guy before, but I think I just found a reason to care about the Olympics this year.


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