Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Back to work

As part of our soft ban on travel this month, we promised ourselves we'd refocus on several projects that have been floundering around the house for a while. Case in point: our kitchen floors.

You might remember that we put new flooring down this summer, after which we had houseguests for a month straight and then left every weekend for the next two months. That sort of pace meant we never got around to finishing off the floor edges with quarter-round, which just made everything look unfinished. Because, you know, it was. I got tired of bringing new folks over and having to use disclaimers every time we walked in there. And so this weekend, it was on.

Our first step was something I've been slowly doing in every room of our house: painting what was once "white," you know... WHITE. Check out what a newly painted piece of quarter-round looks like next to the formerly "white" baseboards. Gross, right?

Mythic Bright White is our "house white," by the way. (Well, in addition to cheap Menage a Trois... I drank the hell out of that stuff this summer. But I digress.) Using my favorite no-VOC paint, I've repainted doors, trim, windows, everything in our house. All that's left are the fronts of our lower cabinets in the kitchen, but give me another week... I digress again.

So here's what the WHITE trim and baseboards look like together. No gaps! A finished look! So crisp! It makes me gloriously happy. I also think they set off the new floors brilliantly. I still adore these floors.

And here's the back of the lower cabinets that faces the little eat-in area. WHITE! Fronts to match soon, mark my words.

Oh, the crispness... I love it! 

I have one more exciting development to announce... a newly painted downstairs bathroom. I've come to accept that this color just isn't going to photograph realistically. It's just as vibrant as it looks here in real life, but it's definitely not a true turquoise - there's much more green in the color than it appears here. That's a similar case to our kitchen walls, actually - everyone who comes over after seeing them in photos first remarks that they look bluer online. Regardless, feast your eyes upon Ben Moore's Galapagos Turquoise. The color goes nicely with the Azores in the kitchen, but definitely makes its own statement.

We're working on several things for that bathroom, so I'll report back when we make more progress and show off the whole thing. Progress after a long break... I love it!


  1. 1. Your white on white baseboards look awesome! Very crisp and clean! Love.

    2. That turquoise is unreal. I've seen it in person and I know what you mean about it not photographing true to the color. I actually spent a great deal of time trying to figure out what room in our house I should paint that color b/c I love it so much. Can't wait to see pictures of your "new" bathroom!

  2. The floors and baseboards look beautiful! All I want to do it paint lately, probably since I am not supposed to. . . are you liking the laminate? I've been mulling laminate for our family room, kitchen, new mudroom areas. I don't have the flow for real hardwoord, plus they are messy high traffic areas.

    xoxo Samma

  3. @Sara: Thanks! Isn't the color to die for in person?

    @Samma: Use Mythic paint! 100% safe for preggos, pets, and babies! I love non-toxic paint.

  4. I love that colour! I can only imagine how gorgeous it is in real life!

  5. the floors look great! and i have so many disclaimers when people come over for the first time, it's embarrassing. i'm sure my guests really don't care that "this bathroom is next on the list, i did NOT paint it that color!" but i still feel the need to explain.


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