Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday I'm in Love

I'm looking forward to carving some pumpkins and doing some fall cooking this weekend... how about you? In the meantime:

Generation Catalano

As a generational in-betweener, I've never felt quite at home in either the Generation X or Millennial categories. The "Generation Catalano" label, then, fits the bill nicely, although the piece is a tad short on analysis. Generational divides are so interesting to me. I think this split in perspectives can also be applied to many personal blogs, now that I think of it. Discuss. (And for you fellow My So-Called Life-ers, does it get any better than Jezebel's breakup letter to Jordan through the eyes of adulthood? I think not.)

The High Comedy of Local Government

My profession pre-disposes me to love Parks & Recreation... but even if I hadn't been in more than my share of public meetings, I'd love it anyway. Leslie Knope? Ron Swanson? Treat Yo Self? Comedic gold! That said, the professional hiccups in the Swanee Parks Department are the ones that get me giggling the hardest. This interview from the excellent Atlantic Cities gets to the root of why I know those plotlines all too well... the high comedy that is real-life local government. Save Whiskers!

A Little Something Pumpkin...

Or, you know, a mind-blowing enormous thing of pumpkin. Okay then, Grant Achatz. You win.

On that note, I'm so excited to greet our neighborhood trick-or-treaters on Monday! Next week I'll be celebrating our six-month (plus a little extra) anniversary in the house with some fun renovation report-backs and a neat surprise, so stay tuned!

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  1. The Gen-Catalano article just done got forwarded to about 98 of my closest friends. Nailed it... although I begrudgingly admit at least 65% of me belongs squarely in the Millennial camp.

    And, oh, the boy did lean so beautifully.

  2. As someone who graduated high school in 1999, did not wear belly shirts or tight clothes- we preferred the grunge/hippie aesthetic, the Catalano Generation article rang so true.

    If I was having any sort of Halloween shindig, it would be entitled Trick or Treat Yo Self!

  3. Parks & Rec is our household fave! But my husband's a planner, so... of course it is.

  4. That article definitely resonates, though I agree she could have done more with it. I nearly fell off my couch at being grouped with Kanye, but she makes a good argument for it.

    And yes, could that boy ever lean. Amazing that show was on so briefly, yet it's such a touchstone for our tweener generation.

  5. Oh Lord, I think I'm a Millennial. Say it ain't so. I wore so! much! flannel! That has to count for something.


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