Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rooftop, scaled.

I really like this guy.

It was his birthday a couple of weeks ago, which I didn't mention here. So if you need a justification for this annoying shout-from-the-rooftops post, pretend it's a birthday post. And just let me have my moment, mmmkay?

Photo via Instagram


  1. I'm sorry is your awesome pot rack not level?

  2. Ha! It actually is slightly sloped because one of the screws broke off in the wall (it belonged to the former owners of the house), so we are shopping for a new one.. HOWEVER, it's not as dangerously crooked as it looks here - I was holding my phone crooked when I snapped the shot!

    PS Emily: I tried to e-mail you after your last comment but your Blogger profile doesn't have an attached e-mail... Of course we should get together when you visit!

  3. We all need a rooftop moment every now & again. Happy belated birthday to your mister.


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