Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday I'm in Love

Friday! Finally! We're having a low-key weekend over here, complete with a little mini-road trip to shower my oldest galpal with love for her upcoming baby. Here's what I'm loving this week:

Resolving legal disputes

PSA #1: Do not drive over the speed of 80 in the State of Virginia, because if you are pulled over, you will automatically be charged with reckless driving instead of just speeding. Which is of course total bullshit, particularly when you have never even had a speeding ticket before. PSA #2: Take particular care not to drive over the speed of 80 near the town of Emporia, VA, which is tantalizingly close to the NC state line. If you do, and you bitch about your ticket to folks, prepare for them to knowingly nod and ask "Was it Emporia?" And then you'll feel like an idiot for not knowing this nondescript I-95 locale is actually The Land Of Speedtraps. PSA #3: If you ignore PSAs #1 and #2, hire a local attorney to resolve said reckless driving charge for you. It will go away with the mere flash of plastic. I'm not a fan of this system and recognize that not everyone has the means to do this and it's why our system sucks, but hey... I'm no reckless driver!
(PSAs over. Thank you for listening.)

The Concerns of Mindy Kaling

Oh how I love this funny-lady. She's my absolute favorite celebrity tweeter, and I imagine that nearly everyone reading this blog imagines they could be bff's with Mindy in real life, am I right? Her new blog ratchets this up for me big-time, and has me itching to buy her new book.

Small screen laughs

The above scene in Modern Family just killed me this week. What else is on my comedy radar besides Modern Family, which just never fails? I've always loved Parks and Rec (community planning humor! on network tv!), and it's better than ever this year. Community is sadly uneven for me; brilliant episodes are followed by terrible ones (the Biology study group episode was just downright mean-spirited, and not at all funny). I'm loving Happy Endings, as far as new stuff goes. And as always, How I Met Your Mother. Glee is sort of painful this year, in my opinion. What's on your comedy radar?

Next week on the blog, I have a great giveaway from Oreck, as well as a new home addition to share. (I love that that sounds like we built a new wing onto our house, by the way. Sadly, that's not the case. Urban square footage is what it is.) Until then... au revoir!


  1. I really cannot tell you how many speeding tickets I wracked up in college visiting the boyfriend in Lynchburg, VA. Most of them via some sort of "satellite controlled radar" which I assumed was a bunch of namby-pamby Start Trek bullshit... until I got all those tickets in the mail :(

    Lyndsey FORCED us to watch the entire first season of Happy Endings in DC. In fact, I think she orchestrated the whole Hurricane so she would have a captive audience. Totally worked. Penny is my new girl crush.

  2. I am a huge Community fan. (It's the only show I watch.) You are right about it being uneven though. The biology study group episode was hard to watch at times - it was so mean. But when they get an episode right, it is comic brilliance!

  3. @Maggie P: I couldn't agree more! That's why it's so frustrating to me when Community is off. I get that not every episode can be as brilliant as Spelling Bee/Paintball/Pool Class/Dungeons and Dragons/Model UN... but I wish the episodes that weren't that could be a little bit closer to that standard, you know?

  4. love Happy Endings- the group dynamic takes a bad show into a hilarious one. So "amahzing" as Penny would say.

    Did you watch Parks and Rec last night? I am ready for Aziz Ansari and Donna to invite me to the Eagleton mall for Treat Yo Self Day!

  5. WHOA! Blogger allowed my comment!

  6. Oh man I got my 1st speeding ticket on my way home to Richmond from ECU in good ole Greensville CO! Every time I drive up 95 I always slow down through Emporia and Greensville!

  7. My husband and I are loving 'Whitney'!

  8. Modern Family seriously is the funniest show on TV. Love it.

  9. Modern Family is genius. We also really like Big Bang Theory and are so far enjoying New Girl. I've never seen Parks and Rec or Happy Endings. I now feel like I'm missing out...

  10. Love Modern Family and Parks and Rec. Such funny shows!

    Also, I am SO happy Mindy Kaling is blogging again. I used to LOVE her old blog, Things I've Bought That I Love. That girls knows funny. Don't you just want to hang out with her? I sure do!

  11. Louie on FX is great. The League on FX is good too - although I think it's mostly targeted to men.


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