Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sea friends

Meet my new friends: colorful sea life illustrations on vintage encyclopedia pages from RococcoCo.

Aren't they gorgeous? I've been wanting prints like these since I featured a hot air balloon illustration when I guest-posted on Oh So Beautiful Paper. Our downstairs bathroom seemed perfect for it.

I think they'll be fantastic popping off the Galapagos Turquoise walls.

The prints will be hung in a tight stripe all the way around the room. We'll also eventually replace this light fixture and hang something fun from the ceiling.

It took me some time to figure out how we should frame the prints, by the way. Black or white seemed too harsh, and silver wasn't right, either. I settled on Oil-Rubbed Bronze to act as a neutral and relate to the weathered wood mirror and the shells in the room. This involved lots of Oil-Rubbed Bronze spray paint, which if you're me happens late-night and leaves your backyard looking like a bronze murder scene. Just keeping with the spooky season...


C'mon, make my day...

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