Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday I'm in Love

This week was all about simple instincts for me. Cheer (item #1), awwww (item #2), and chuckle (item #3). We have a bunch of home improvement projects to work on this weekend, all in the name of inching toward our six-month anniversary in the house, which I promised myself would involve a photo report card of sorts here. Eek! Before I scoot off then, some items for you to cheer/awww/chuckle.

Happy weekend!

Queen Kicker

 Did you guys catch the story of Brianna Amat this week, the Michigan high school senior who's a homecoming queen and a football star? She  makes my heart burst with that "I love teen girls" pride that my cousins always give me. Our girl Brianna went onto the field during halftime to receive her homecoming crown - in her uniform - then came back out to kick the winning field goal. Is it too soon to begin writing her campaign literature?

Interspecies FTW

Much like my belief that the best way to ensure your baby will be adorable and grow into an insanely beautiful person is to create it with someone of another race, I think a little interspecies action is the quickest way to turn your cute animal photo into the sort of thing that makes grown men cry. Enter Fuck Yeah Interspecies Friendships, which is the best thing to happen to my computer in a long time.

Arrested Development, always and forever

Like many of you, I was beside myself with the news that Arrested Development would be back with another season and a follow-up movie, five years after its brilliance was shuttered. Best tv-related news of all time, methinks. This collection of Arrested Development GIFs took my excitement and put it on steroids. Time to break out our box set again!


  1. non-white babies are SO much cuter than white ones. every time.

    and i was just reading a blog that i'm kind of "meh" about, until she made a never-nude reference and now we are going to be BFFs. clearly. sean and do the chicken dances all the time.

  2. I want to be just like Brianna! And she was so humble and laid-back in her interview. She's a cutie, too. Thanks for highlighting her story.


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