Thursday, November 10, 2011

The First Six Months: Backyard... and done!

In lieu of a true backyard update in the style of my other First Six Months posts, I'll just refer you back to this post from the summer. Our weird backyard is the same today, save for dead plants and lots of leaves that need to be swept up. Here's my birds-eye home office view today, through the screen:

And with that... we're done! Thanks for tagging along for the "tour" this week, everyone. And if you detest home renovation chatter, my apologies, truly. Tomorrow I have a fun surprise for you guys - and you don't have to like DIY renovations to enjoy it. Oh, and next week? I promise not to talk about the house even once. Deal?


  1. I've loved your house series! And of course, love your gorgeous home. You have a fabulous eye for color and style. I need you to come help decorate my next house with some color. I love our house but we've got a major case of the beige.

    Not sure if anyone else is having trouble commenting but I couldn't comment with Google and had to sign in with Name/URL. I think if you make your comments appear in a pop up window, it should solve the problem. (If you wanted to do this, go to Settings--Comments--Comment Form Placement--Select Pop-Up Window).

  2. Thanks Melissa! You are so sweet... why don't we set up that Florida trip for gray DC winter days?

    As for the comments... I am SO SICK of Blogger comment drama! I just made the change you suggested, so hopefully this will help for the time-being. Ironically, I switched to embedded comments during a previous comment outage, when it was suggested that THAT would solve the problem! I just shake my head...


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