Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The First Six Months: Kitchen

Oh, the kitchen. It's my happy room. You read all about our floor drama, so we can all agree that the new floor is the big kitchen accomplishment. The color is another one for me, and more generally, the way it's all come together. The space is roomy (for the city - suburban folks, note this please), airy, light, and bright. We'll get to updating our appliances one of these days, but until that happens, I'm not sweating anything about the room's general layout or functionality. Even the old cabinets don't bug me, which is truly the power of a fresh coat of white paint. The thing I'd like most? Pendant lighting. The old-school stage lights in the kitchen are really hot to cook underneath... and you already know how I feel about that '70s-era recessed lighting...

Kitchen, Done
Kitchen, To Do
  • Lighting
  • New cabinet hardware
  • Buy a new pot rack - this one is from the previous homeowners and is slanted on the left side, where the screw broke off in the wall
  • Appliances... eventually
  • Rug for the cooking area
  • Fix the cord "situation" over on the tall built-in with the counter. It's time to drill somes holes and hide the cords.
Kitchen Paint
  • Primary Color: Benjamin Moore Azores, color-matched to no-VOC Mythic Paint
  • Upper Level Color: Benjamin Moore Cliffside Gray
  • Cabinets: Mythic Bright White
  • Trim: Mythic Bright White
  • Floor: Vintage White Pine Pergo

Note: For this week's First Six Month Series, I'm using the realtor photos that advertised our house as the "Move-in" photo, and my own images for "6 months later."


  1. it's amazing how much you've warmed up your kitchen- mostly with accessories! and yes, it's practically huge. ha.

  2. Ummm... Can we please spend all day in the kitchen cooking and drinking coffee and talking about current events like we are best friends and have been for years? Because that's how your kitchen makes me feel. I'll be right over. Thanks.

  3. Loving this series! And obviously the kitchen is my favorite room in your house. You and T did such an amazing job making it your own. It makes me quite happy, too.

  4. You need to add to the Kitchen Done list- "Infuse kitchen with gorgeousness through strategic and functional display of flame Le Creuset". Drooling!

  5. @Erin: It's ginormous!! Hee hee.

    @TWR: I love this comment. And the answer is YES, obvs!

    @Emily: Thanks so much!

    @Samma: Le Creuset is the finest of all decorating accessories, wouldn't you say?

  6. What finish paint did you use on your cabinets? I am about to paint our cabinetry and I dread it, but am unsure about what finish I should use. What steps did you take? Was it super-tedious?


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