Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Catching my breath

I'm getting the feeling that every moment between now and boarding our flight to Europe is going to feel like one long work meeting. Did anyone else pull that unfortunate professional card over the holidays? Sigh.

Work stress is definitely affecting my desire to decorate for the holidays. Mostly because I have zero time or mental capacity right now. I'm even questioning whether we should get a Christmas tree, given how long we'll be away for our trip and how adventurous the cats may be while we're away. The pet sitters did not sign up to re-rig a knocked-over tree or sweep up broken ornaments every day. This is a dilemma for me. I love Christmas trees. I've been dreaming about our first tree in our first house since forever, yet here I am feeling like we just might not get to it this year. Sigh.

Other elements working against my holiday spirit: the weather. It's been positively spring-like in DC, and it's getting on my nerves. It hasn't been cold enough for a fire since we had our chimney inspection a month ago - another thing I'd been really excited about. Our new fireplace accessories are sitting there mocking us. Sigh.

I really shouldn't be complaining. A slew of amazing things happened over the weekend.

First, my oldest friend Allie had a little girl. Here I am with the mama-to-be at her baby shower in Virginia Beach last month. I can't wait to meet little Miss L! She was born with a full head of hair, which is my all-time favorite baby quality.

Second, I'm still recovering from Thanksgivings #2 and #3. Soooo much fun!

Here's Liam and Lucas at our neighborhood park:

And the food! Thanksgiving #2 featured a fantastic dinner, but I think the dessert was my favorite (and I never say that). Lisa and I made a salted caramel pie, and it was utterly delicious. Impossible not to make embarrassing sounds while eating it. Just perfection. I'm sharing this recipe soon - it's too good not to!

Thanksgiving #3 involved lots of furniture-moving, space-planning, and picture-hanging... my parents' home renovation is coming along beautifully. We drove down to NC with all of our leftovers from Thanksgiving #2 to reheat Friday night, then had a brand-new Thanksgiving #3 on Saturday. The spread was downhome Southern deliciousness. My favorites were the oysters and the ribs:

My other favorite had to be my niece Taylor. Too smart, this one! (And apparently my competition in future dinners where deviled eggs are involved. I think I found my match!)

So that's life over here. What's new on your end?


  1. i've never been one to "fake it til you make it" but this year i am decorating til i make it. we are not traveling though, so that makes a HUGE difference. i really wish the weather would cooperate here- i'm ready for our first snow (well, second. but that one in october didn't stick)!

    and your nephews are SO cute.

    and i can't wait til the pie recipe goes up!

  2. I think you're right, Erin - I've just gotta fake it until it's real! I know it'll happen. I just need to make a tree decision and move on.

  3. Ok, there's way too much amazingness in this one post, this comment may get incredibly lengthy.
    1. I hate you and your fabulous European Christmas. Kidding, but kinda. Seriously, who gets to galavant off to Europe for Christmas? That's amazing.
    2. Get the tree. Your first tree in your first house is really important. If the cats knock it over, then they do. The sitter can leave it for you to clean up when you get home or you can give her a little extra in her tip to pick it up. It's worth it. You'll love having it up in the time before (and after - our tree stays up til nearly February) your trip.
    3. I'd kill for spring-like weather right now. It's like 6 degrees in STL. There's already talk of snow and the worst December in the history of weather. Yuck.
    4. I love that you like a full head of hair on a baby. I personally like my babies bald and super fat. The more fat rolls the better.
    5. The little boys in the hats absolutely kill me.
    6. Please don't share the caramel pie recipe because I swear I will make it and eat the entire thing. I can't resist. WANT. Ok, I really do think you should post it.
    7. Oysters on Thanksgiving? Can I please please please become part of your family? Ok, I think that's quite enough out of me for the day. :)

  4. love your dress in the baby shower photo...great color!

  5. Your nephews are adorable - those tiny caps kill me! we do oysters at thanksgiving too - although we make oyster dressing.

    Good luck getting through the next few weeks!

  6. 1. Your nephews are adorable! I can't wait until Sam can wear sweater vests and cute caps.

    2. I'm still drooling over your three Thanksgiving dinners.

    3. So jealous of your European Christmas vacation!

    4. I hope you find time to get a tree. I don't think you'll regret it.


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