Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The First Six Months: Stairs and Upstairs Hallway

Our stairs were my first big (and solo) project in La Casa, and every time I walk in the door, I'm reminded again that all that time inhaling fumes was worth it.

Stairs, Done
  • Sanded
  • Stained
  • Painted
Stairs, To Do
  • Because of the stairs' age, there are a few spots where we could use wood putty to fill in some cracks. You know, when we're done with every other chore in the house and just looking for work to do.
Stairs, Paint
  • Wall Color: Benjamin Moore Chestertown Buff, color-matched to no-VOC Mythic Paint
  • Trim and Stair Risers: Mythic Bright White
  • Stairs: Minwax Dark Walnut

Some of my favorite art is hanging in our upstairs hallway. But the floor is still... wait for it... linoleum! Painful kitchen reminder - ahhhh! The original floor is still underneath (for real this time), and now that we are experts at pulling this stuff up, the real work should be in cleaning and restoring the wood. The other big issue up here is the horrid lighting. A simple set of pendants will be a vast improvement. One day. And I sometimes want to either re-stain the bannister or paint it something exciting. That's on the eventual (I hope) "I'm bored" list. The realtor didn't take any photos up here, so I just have the current state for you. (Please note how the terrible lighting makes it impossible to take a good photo.)

Upstairs Hallway, Done
  • Painted walls, trim, doors
Upstairs Hallway, To Do
  • Remove linoleum
  • Restore original floors
  • Replace lighting with something... anything
Upstairs Hallway, Paint
  • Stairway-side Wall Color: Benjamin Moore Chestertown Buff, color-matched to no-VOC Mythic Paint
  • Opposite-side Wall Color: Benjamin Moore Cream Fleece, color-matched to no-VOC Mythic Paint
  • Trim and Doors: Mythic Bright White


    1. When we finally find our dream home in Capitol Hill one day, will you come over and give us some suggestions? :) I love the paint on the stairs!

    2. Cream fleece is the color of our nursery! Love how soothing it is!

    3. @Lindsay: Come on down to CH... the water is fine! I'm always up for a house call.

      @e: It is a great color - although it's completely lost in this photograph. I'd love to see your Cream Fleece nursery!


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