Thursday, November 10, 2011

The First Six Months: Guest Bedroom

While we've done a little more in the guest bedroom than our own bedroom, you'll see that this room is still very bare-bones. The big challenge will be replacing the ugly old built-in closets, given that we'll probably take on the master bedroom closets that are the backside of these at the same. I love this soothing paint color, but still need to do another coat - and you can see under the weird desk area that I still have a big patch of the previous yellow to cover. Oops. Let's pretend that pile of stuff in the way is just my attempt at camoflauge.

Guest Bedroom, Done
  • Painted (well, most of it, anyway)
Guest Bedroom, To Do
  • Finish decorating
  • Replace old built-in closets
  • Remove recessed lighting
  • Replace overhead light/fan
Guest Bedroom, Paint
  • Primary Color: Benjamin Moore Classic Gray, color-matched to no-VOC Mythic Paint
  • Trim and Door: Mythic Bright White

Note: For this week's First Six Month Series, I'm using the realtor photos that advertised our house as the "Move-in" photo, and my own images for "6 months later."

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  1. you know we are at the nearly five month. our house does not look like that. in fact we still have piles and piles and PILES of shit all over.

    oh well.


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