Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday I'm in Love

This week, here's what I'm loving:

(500) Days of Summer

I don't need car chases or explosions in my summer flicks. Dizzying charm and a Brit-pop soundtrack are more my speed. I mean, connecting over "There is a Light That Never Goes Out"? Belle and Sebastian quotes? Could a movie be more fitting for me? Prepare to be charmed by this one; it's as genuine a summer flick as they come.


When I was a teenage girl, I had Mother Jones covers decorating my bedroom and wrote dense and out-of-(teenage)touch editorials in the school newspaper. But if the Internet had been around back then, I would have been an fbomb girl, and oh how these girls make me proud. Rock on ladies!

Shopping for my niece... and my nephew!

For two years now, I've been hitting up my favorite children's clothing stores, turning to the "girl" side of the store, and picking out adorable dresses and cute tops for my niece Taylor. Now that I have a nephew, though, I have the entire store to shop in! Let's leave the debate about how overly gendered children's clothes are for another time... right now, I'm just celebrating all the blue and brown shopping in my future! That's my handsome nephew Liam above modeling a little number he received in the mail from his Aunt Maggie this week. I love spoiling these little ones!


  1. Looking forward to seeing that movie this weekend!! AND LIAM IS KILLING ME!!! Adorable!

  2. I just opened my alumni mag yesterday and saw that a guy I went to college with directed that movie. I haven't seen it yet, but the preview looked great.

  3. Umm he is adorable! And I am obsessed with monkeys so that tee is to die for.

  4. You didn't mention the BELLE & SEBASTIAN QUOTES on Wed???!!!!! Ask Jan how much I loved B&S as a kid... she will go on foooooor daaaaaaays.


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