Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Silence and vicarious adventuring

On a normal day, I'd be sitting at my office right now sending "please don't bother me" vibes to my well-meaning but also 30-years-older-than-me coworkers and wishing I could shut my door without seeming rude. I'd also be wishing my corporate internet allowed streaming media like the rest of the modern world, so that I could at least be soothed by NPR instead of Engineer Story Hour outside my door.

On a day when I'm able to finagle working at home, we'd be on hour six of NPR right now and I'd be multi-tasking to my heart's content - a little work there, a little social networking here, a little IM chatting there, all the while cooking up something yummy for lunch and thinking about getting crazy with some music instead of news for the afternoon.

But on days like today, when I'm getting over a truly yucky stomach virus and am still fairly delicate, I need silence. I crave silence. And so it's Day 2 in an apartment where the only sounds are the occasional kitty wrestling match. There is no streaming news. There is no multi-tasking. There is a small portion of chicken noodle soup that made me feel like a champion when I finished it. There is the print newspaper and a book. And there is only one blog today, which I found via my perennial fave Jezebel:

Jenna's Model Life is the kind of storytelling I love on days like today - great writing and wit and thoughtful introspection, which just happens to be set in the high-fashion/low-rent world of modeling (my world is perhaps a tad more low-fashion/high-rent, I'm afraid). There's travel and photography but there is mostly self-deprecation and bemusement with the world around you, of which I am always a fan. For a day when I want virtual adventuring along with my seltzer water, Jenna kindly delivers.


  1. I hope that you get to feeling better!

  2. Wanna know what the other open tab on my Firefox browser is, right this very second? The Jezebel "I am The Anonymous Model" story. Great minds & all that . . .

    Hope you feel better immediately!

  3. Not to be a gadget freak... but do you have an iPhone? Other than it being super handy in that you can check blogs without boss types being the wiser it has an NPR application that lets you stream audio from ANY NPR AFFILIATE INTHE COUNTRY! Its truly amazing. Its great if you and on a road trip and travel in areas that dont get the signal, or if your local affiliate doesnt air a particular program you can hear it on another station. It's genius.

    Thanks for the compliment on my food photography, really its just that we have a nice camera. The ones I take with my regular old point and shoot are lame, I'm now completely spoiled by the DSLR.

    Feel better!

  4. I had a one day bout with the stomach flu a couple weeks ago, for the first time in years. Its really amazing how your body just revolts at the mere thought of life--movement, sound, anything. Wretched. Glad to hear you're on the upswing.

  5. Thanks Mill and Mel!

    Waspy: Blackerry user here... I've actually never really had iPhone angst, as much as I do enjoy gadgets. Actually, that's not true: the epicurious app made me jealous. But I love my bb.
    Streaming NPR though to solve my workplace news void? Hmmm.... ;-)

    Marj: As ever, we are on the very same page.


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