Thursday, July 23, 2009

More housekeeping

I decided to move my frivolous little "Wanting" section over on the right sidebar from delicious to Tumblr. I wanted images! The reason I've held off doing so until now is that Tumblr, like so many other fun sites, is blocked at my office. But I think updating on the evenings only is a good tradeoff for the images. :-) Now "Wanting" will send you here.

I'm happy with my "Cooking" section staying on delicious, for now, anyway. I enjoy tagging interesting articles over there, and the recipes seem to work well in between politics, gender, and the rest. ;-) If anyone has another site to recommend for collecting favorite cooking links - one that is publicly accessible as a link - I'd love to hear it. But for now, as before, "Cooking" will send you here.

On both fronts, I now have some link updating to do!

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