Monday, July 27, 2009

'A Whole lotta happy' about my new poster!

I'm feeling some major hometown love right now.

I first saw this year's fantastic NC State Fair poster design via the IndieNC Blog, which ran an interview with designer Amanda Meares. This poster is right up my alley in every way possible, from the vintage typeface to the earthy colors to the homey feel. Take a look:

A second poster focuses on canning as a way to represent the agricultural heritage of the fair:

After falling head over heels for these designs, I promptly set about trying to win one of the posters to frame at home. While they'll be widely distributed around Raleigh, this long-distance Tarheel could leave nothing to chance by not securing one early. For two months now, I've been stalking the NC State Fair via their blog and Twitter account in hopes of winning one of their poster contests. And this morning... me, a winner!

My walls are eagerly awaiting their new decor. And I am eagerly awaiting late October, when my family has kindly scheduled their traditional fall pig pickin' to coincide with the last weekend of the fair. That way, my travel miles get more bang for the buck... double the NC goodness in one weekend. Trevor has never attended a family pig pickin' or the NC state fair, so it's "fair" to say his life will be forever changed that weekend.

October 23-25, this is what it's all about (vegetarians, shield your eyes):


  1. So glad you were able to secure a poster!

  2. ok that pig is FREAKING ME OUT! Did you look at its face. CREEPY!

    Can't wait for CT this week!

  3. Again... why did I not see this blog post? Was this during the time after Blogger Incident '09? Hmmmm. ANYHOO, I loooooooooooove the state fair! Of course, my peeps are Beef Peeps. But we can still hang.


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