Thursday, July 23, 2009

Good News/Bad News, optimist style

Let's play a little game that I like to call Good News/Bad News, with my perkily optimistic spin.

Good news: The dress I ordered on final sale from Rue La La was marked down from $175 to $39.99, and is totally cute out of the package!

Bad news: I wasn't aware that Original Penguin should be on my "C cups and larger order a size up" list. It's most definitely inappropriate for work... and kind of looks like a slutty 1950s waitress Halloween costume.

Optimist says: Wait, this could actually BE my Halloween costume! We're going to have to work hard to top last year's Hall and Oates ensemble, after all. Put T in striped pants, throw some glasses and perky paper hats on us, give us some name tags and notepads, and we are good to go! And this year, I don't think my date will feel conflicted about kissing me, either - I'll be 'stache-free!

Wanna try this with tabloid fodder?

Good news: The blight on humankind that is Ed Hardy appears to be dwindling in these parts... my sense of decency and good taste are rejoicing.

Bad news: Appearances in the tabloids of the esteemed Jon Gosselin seem to be on the rise, and he is almost always wearing an Ed Hardy tee, or worse - Ed Hardy ass-painted jeans.

Optimist says: Surely Gosselin will continue to be roundly mocked for his behavior - he's definitely not done making a fool of himself yet. That means he can self-destruct and take Ed Hardy down with him!

Your friendly news edition:

Good news: Renowned scholar Henry Louis "Skip" Gates Jr. has the kind of neighbors that will watch out for his house while he's on vacation - and the kind of local police force that will respond to suspected break-ins.

Bad news: That doesn't mean his neighbors will watch out for him. Or, you know, even recognize him as the man who lives next door instead of just a black man trying to break into a home. Or that the local cops will believe that he's actually a resident. Surely black men don't live in tony Cambridge!

Optimist says: Time for Cambridge PD to have a learning moment. Just like the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission and the Dallas PD before them. And it's a good reminder that the rest of us should acknowledge that yes, Virginia, we still live in a racist society. (Ignoring that fact isn't optimistic, you know - just naive.) Onward and upward.


  1. Look at how clean cut Henry Gates looks in that photo too-- how many clean cut, polo-shirt wearing burglars are there in broad daylight?

    And as for that dress-- hilarious! Totally slutty, which is not what you'd expect from Original Penguin.

  2. Just saw on that the police officer who has been roundly criticized teaches diversity awareness classes at the Cambridge PD.
    Looks like there's plenty for everyone to learn.

  3. Oh, I love the dress for Halloween - are you too young for 'Alice' ? You know, Trevor could be your Mel, White Tshirt, with the sleeves rolled up holding a pack of cigs, white pants and a banana shaped cooks hat - that would be good, right?

  4. You gotta cross-post the Gates-Gate on m-pyre!


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