Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Shopping PSA: BR Friends & Family!

Proud shopping moment: Overhearing a woman in the Banana Republic fitting room ask the saleswoman if she could put her items on hold until tomorrow, when the 30% off Friends and Family coupon will apply

Prouder shopping moment: Promptly putting the things I wanted to purchase on hold until tomorrow so that I can get 30% off, too

Proudest shopping moment: Frantically googling for the coupon and posting the link to the Friends and Family 30% off coupon right here, so that we can all save 30%

Here's what I have on hold:

Ruffle-front Shirtdress: Perfect for summer workdays in that it's cool and crisp at the same time. Pair with a cardigan and it'll take you right into fall.

Cotton Essential Skirt: In khaki (that color not online) AND black. The shape is great and the material is nice enough for the office, yet paired with a tank it's perfect for the weekends. Really, all the colors are fantastic. Blue... Grey... hmm.... ;-)

Go forth and conquer, folks! The coupon is good for 30% of all purchases at BR (plus Gap and Old Navy) for four days, in-store only, starting tomorrow.


  1. Does that skirt have an ELASTIC WAISTBAND?????????

    F*ing brilliant. Purchasing in every color.

  2. Oh yes. It is elastic and gloriously camouflaging. Bring on the cheese plate!!

  3. Yes!!! I have been eyeing that skirt for awhile...and now I can purchase it! Bravo! (as a heads up...J. Crew has come out with a similar elastic skirt number for the winter months that I am definitely snatching up in every single color a la work wardrobe bolstering...and I'll be in DALLAS next weekend. I suggest that you suggest to our dear friend Kate that she host a fab pool party on Saturday. Hehehe. I hope you will be in town!

  4. FYI the sale is also good online with the promotion code (i received mine via an email...let me know if you want one I have two extra). Also the sale is good at Banana Republic Factory stores and Gap Outlets.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that skirt! MUST purchase!

  5. I LOVE THE BLUE DRESS! and even better that they let you put it on hold. i do love BR for that reason. plus they will honor a sale price and adjust the cost if a sale occurs 10 days after your purchase.

  6. the blue dress is awesome. thank you for this heads up. i know where i'll be heading this weekend!!!!

  7. One of my blogger friends was wearing that skirt in pink this weekend. Love it.


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