Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Perfectly balanced

This is how you dress as a couple, folks.

The Obamas arriving at a reception for ambassadors at the White House Monday night

I'm almost positive her dress is Jason Wu. I say that because on Saturday I stopped in front of the Jason Wu display at Nordstrom and literally petted the gowns. This was one of the them. A girl doesn't forget such things.

While I'm getting my crush on the First Lady on, here's something for my favorite guy, who happens to have a crush on William Shatner:


  1. You have to be incredibly cool to pull off a black suit, and it really helps that the President looks good in one. 95% of men in black suits look like maitre d's, myself included, which is why i don't own one.

    Shatner can wear it though. He's just that cool...

  2. Okay, I'm totally freaked out by that reading of Sarah Palin's farewell speech! IT'S ACTUALLY A PRETTY GOOD POEM. Not sure what this says about poetry in general, that a non-sensical, dumb-ass political speech actually makes a good poem. It can't just be William Shatner's reading, which is admittedly very good in that proto-typical poetry reading kind of way.

    I had to find the trasncript to confirm that she actually said this verbatim. And she did!

  3. See here:


  4. Some people are *going* for the maitre d' look, thankyouverymuch. Now, would you care for a booth?

  5. Mikaela, you are KILLING me here, I love it! That the best poet I know says this... HILARIOUS.

    And while I seriously doubt that the F-Word/H-Word would look like a waiter in a black suit, way to just go for it, J! ;-)


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