Thursday, October 1, 2009


Lots of stomach knots this week about that ever-present looming mystery for us: The Future. Where to live? Where to work? For how long? Then what? Just a few little questions on our minds right now... no big ones or anything. Our potential "next place" map looks a little something like this:

That circle keeps getting bigger, not smaller.

To settle my nerves, I'm heating up a cup of another lady-in-waiting's soup and simply waiting. Head down, deadlines to attend to, books to read, kitchen creations to make, friends and family to enjoy. But  yeah... things are beginning to get interesting in the game of Big Life Questions. My usual nerves-of-steel stomach is most definitely on alert.

But there is this, and that's what matters most:

That about sums it up.


  1. Lady in waiting, indeed!

    Who'd a thunk one year ago that ALL my worldly possessions would be packed and stored in the Bronx for oh-so-many months. Geese Louise!

    All of a sudden, I am so super excited -!- Can you imagine for a moment? If we both end up in New York City together ... oh the fun!

    I am officially extending an invitation to you and Trevor to my imaginary country house! I promise, if we end up there - you and I will prepare many a fabulous meals together!

    Don't forget to enter to win Bespoke Holiday Cards - don't you two need them to round out a year of FAB paper?

  2. You never know, Amy ... anything is possible! Although there are lots of places in that big red circle!

  3. Hey. I'm a lady-in-waiting as well. And, [fingers crossed] heading to NYC in another seven months... though my big red circle is more horizontal and a little larger... but oh how I'd love to meet you both!

    ...and that piece of art. I'm in love. I think I must have it.

  4. Imaginary country house parties for all of us, then!

  5. Proud (and anxious) to be part of the ladies in waiting. Husband and I are going through a very similar period. He's working through the end of the month, and then packing up and moving from NJ to PA. (At least we'll finally be together!) Our next stop is still under consideration. Our map looks very similar to yours, however -- anywhere between MA and NC. What can I say, I'm an east coast gal. Hang in there ... and have fun!

  6. Me too! My circle's a few inches to the left and up a bit :) I went at the speed of light to go buy that wave print (or at least send the link to my husband) and she's on vacay for 2 weeks. Tear.

  7. We are in the same boat. Only we have little circles across the whole country... I have a hard time narrowing down when there are so many awesome places. Now just waiting for the husband to finish grad school and then see where we land- the waiting makes me a little nutty though as I am a need to know now kind of person.

    Good luck making the decisions for your next step!


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