Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday I'm in Love

It's beautiful outside today, just Fall perfection. It's hard not to be happy and choose three things to be in love with on days like this, even if you are battling the effects of an irresponsible Thursday night bar binge with old friends (ahem). Here, then, are my three tokens of love from the week:

Thursday Night Bar Binge Recaps of our Wedding

There are few things that make me happier than hanging out with a group of friends who attended our wedding and hearing superlatives like "best" and "most" tossed around so freely. I don't think I'll ever stop loving how much fun folks had at our 'lil beach party. The hilarious stories ("...when they were naked in the fish pond"), the raucousness ("which night of drinking games was that?"), the injuries (two people now carry around actual scars from our wedding), the requests for more (we're already on notice for needing to recreate the beach house party scene for our first anniversary)... Just so much happy goodness.

Blood Oranges

I've been obsessed with blood oranges this week. First, look at these things... I challenge you to name a more beautiful fruit. The color is amazing to me. I love squirting a wedge of blood orange into a glass of seltzer and seeing that dark purple juice come out and tinge the drink pink. I love the taste - not as bright as your typical orange, somehow murkier and more mysterious. I love the difference between a blood orange in my Old Fashioned versus a regular orange. I should branch out with my cocktails and start making blood orange mimosas or margaritas. Not to mention Grilled Oysters with Blood Orange and Ginger, Fregola and Blood Orange Salad with Arugula, and Blood Orange Crostini with Blood Orange and Black Pepper Marmalade.Yum! (PS: Have I mentioned one of my favorite shower goodies is also blood orange-themed?)

Colin Hay

The first thing that T and I ever agreed upon was music. Through all our feisty debating and ill-concealed "contemp or chemistry?" moments in the beginning, music was the one thing that didn't need any hemming and hawing. An early conversation about songs that captured our level of commitment phobia included Colin Hay's acoustic version of "Overkill," a song that was awesome in the early '80s but is outright beautiful when you take away the '80s beats and the rest of the Men at Work. We're going to see Colin Hay at the Granada on Sunday night, and I'm having a full-circle moment with this song in advance. In honor of TGIF, here's a flashy '80s video of "Overkill." And in honor of Sunday, let me just say that I love how well I sleep these days, and how faraway those ghosts Mr. Hay sings about are now.

Happy Fall weekend, everyone!


  1. I love "Waiting for my Real Life to Begin". So melancholy- perfect for that wistful type of mood.

  2. do you watch true blood? They sell "real" true blood made via blood oranges. need it.


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