Thursday, October 8, 2009

For me, funnymen?

I'd like to request the following subjects make their own feature-length films:

Tennis with Andre Leon Talley

If you saw 'The September Issue,' you know there are two takeaways: Grace Coddington is amazing and Andre Leon Talley is somehow more outrageous than we ever thought possible. I could watch him playing tennis and describing his accessories for hours. Burning question: how does he change his look on the court during cooler seasons? I must know!

Modern Family's 'Mitchell and Cameron'

I'm obsessed with Mitchell and Cameron from Modern Family. (Watch this clip if you're not already watching this show to see why.) While I am totally crushing on the entire cast (Sofia Vergara kills it as the hot Latin trophy wife cliche to Ed O'Neil), these two are just ridiculous. The toddler class last night with Cameron reigning in his "natural gifts" ?? No words.

Ken Tanaka from 'Glee'

My other television crush this fall, Glee, boasts another entirely loveable cast. And while I'm obsessed with Jane Lynch anyway, increasingly crushing on Mathew Morrison, and totally smitten with Jayma May's adorable J.Crew'd, OCD self, I think I have a growing soft spot for Ken Tenaka, the lovable but dumb football couch who happens to be proficient in early '90s R&B songs. I want to see where he lives! I want Ken to be happy! (And since Ken Tanaka videos aren't exactly sweeping the Web, let's just spend Thursday morning watching a YouTube Acafellas video that someone made by taping their video screen, why don't we? Look at Ken rocking his white belt!) Bonus audio clip, on knocking off a few reps, here.


  1. What about a combined show of Ken Tenaka coaching ALT? Sigh- thoughts of that will keep me occupied all afternoon.

  2. Isn't Modern Family the best? There are not many (new) tv shows that make me laugh out loud... Don't you love the last scene in the first episode? Where the dad has the gun? Too funny!

  3. I love Modern Family! It's hilarious!!!

  4. I love Modern Family. Its freaking hilarious. And I've yet to see the September Issue, which is a travesty.


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