Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday I'm in Love

Live from Boston, my three picks for the week:

The Known World

I'm obsessed with this book. You know that feeling you get sometimes when you're so immersed in a novel that during the day, you jealously think of it sitting at home on your bedside table, and fantasize about leaving everything behind and running back home to it? (Wait, am I talking about a book?) Anyway, that's the feeling this book is giving me. If you're looking for an amazing story, give The Known World by Edward P. Jones a try.

Aphro Chic Business Card by Studio on Fire

Behold, some of the coolest business cards I've ever seen, from my perennial paper crush Studio on Fire. I've been thinking that if I went back to school or did freelance work, that'd be an excellent excuse to have some to-die-for letterpress calling cards made. Can you imagine carrying these beauties around every day? Can you imagine parting with them, though, as you give them away? Speaking of excuses... talk about a reason to love an afro. I mean seriously, isn't the logo just to die for? The silhouette? The typefaces? And then the print on the back? The edges in yellow? There's corresponding stationery, too, as if this wasn't enough. So given how amazing this design is, I had to go and check out the Aphro Chic Shop for myself. Is it possible that this woman is even cuter in person, jumping on a bed with her personalized shirt and handmade pillows, than in her glorious letterpressed silhouette? It is. Not Fair.

Gael Greene's Tweets

Many of you probably first got to know Gael Greene as "crazy hat judge" on Top Chef: Masters, but she's actually something of a legend, starting when she became the New York Magazine restaurant critic in 1968 and wore outrageous hats as disguises. Here's how David Kamp describes her in The United States of Arugula (a fantastic read, by the way): "Having gotten her start writing sex-and-the-single-gal pieces for Cosmopolitan and Ladies' Home Journal, Greene ... was inspired by the conversational style of Tom Wolfe and invented her own choppy, unhinged, status-obsessed style. Flaunting a saucy "food = sex" ethos , Greene ladeled on the suggestiveness, christening herself 'The Insatiable Gourmet' and turning even a trip to the lavish but unglamourous Jewish grocery Zabar's into an orgiastic reverie." There's much more, but you should really go read that book (and go read Greene's book too, by the way, where she describes a steamy night with Elvis - seriously!). At any rate, Gael Greene has a Twitter account, and she is endlessly amusing to me. See the above tweet, and also this little nugget to see why.


  1. Yes! I can't wait to follow Gael Greene on Twitter. And get a new book- always love book suggestions. Thanks!

  2. You are too sweet! Thank you so much for posting about our business cards. It's true - it's so hard to give them away!

  3. Ordered Gael's book on Amazon and can't put it down! Ah, to live her life! It includes some of her favorites recipes...that even I may attempt. Thanks for the recommendation, Mags.


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