Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday I'm in Love

Here are my three grinnable selections for the week:

Network Television?

That question mark is there as in... really? Did I really just write that I was in love with network television this week? Yes! I adored the pilot of Glee so much that I happy-cried at the end of it. Then I watched four episodes online in a row. Modern Family is also killing it for me. This show has more family awesomeness than any we've seen since my beloved Arrested Development. Have television writers and network executives really finally woken up from their perpetual lameness? Did you hear that, television programmers? Because now it's your turn. See, "Glee" and "Modern Family," two fantastic shows, both really smart and targeting a somewhat similar demographic, are on at the very same time. And can I just mention, that is also the same time that Olivia and Elliott are doing their perennial thing for "Law and Order: SVU"? Unacceptable. So yep, this is me, loving some of the network tv's offerings for the first time in ages, and politely asking for a different time slot for one of them. (Well okay, one more rant - "How I Met Your Mother," consistently awesome, now on at 7 p.m. CST? Kids can't understand Barney's jokes, and at 7 p.m. I'm not ready to sit down and watch something. Just saying.)

Smoked Mozzarella

I was intrigued by these small smoked mozzarella balls at Central Market and decided I had to take them home with me. I'm a huge fan of smoked cheese in general (well, smoked anything, really), but had never eaten smoked mozzarella before. I tried them in a caprese salad, but the smokiness was a bit too overwhelming in a dish that's built upon simplicity. They found their true place, however, melted in hot, savory dishes. Just a few little slices were wonderfully rich in a steaming bowl of grits for breakfast. I'd imagine this cheese would elevate a ratatouille or a frittata to an entirely new level as well. Smoked mozzarella... check!

Frances Bean Cobain's Twitter Account

Via Jezebel's awesome Tweet Beat feature, where I get to purvey the best and worst of celebrity twittering without actually having to subscribe to celebrities, I came across this gem, and promptly spit out my drink. I kind of feel like I'm too old to bother with explaining to today's brainless and talentless popular youth what is wrong with them, so Frances Bean, thanks for doing that for me to your own cohort! Also, per your tweet from last week, good luck on finding someone to adopt you.


  1. As a loyal fellow liberal reader, I have to say that I'm ashamed you're not only watching Fox, but into one of the shows! Ok, so it isn't Fox News, but still. Fox is the devil. Just sayin. : )

  2. I. Love. Glee.

    That is all.

    Oh wait! Last night (well, Wednesday night but last night on my DVR), when they sang "Somebody to Love," I might have bawled. I think it was the PMS, but still. That's some good shit.

  3. ha ha ha... 'tis true, Lesley!

    Funny thing: Arrested Development was on Fox, too. I take it Fox News wasn't paying attention to the hilarious George Sr/Iraq storyline.

  4. Happily addicted to Glee care as to which network shows long as they keep it on the air! Miss Central Market (I keep suggesting a store in Chicago!)...they have so many wonderful things...smoked cheeses make great dips as well.

  5. Ditto on the Glee addiction. So clever and sweet-- plus I'm a sucker for singing and dancing. Totally just watched all of the Arrested Development episodes on Hulu earlier in the year, where I watch Glee as well. Its like having a DVR without actually having one. Could solve your L&O conflict, Maggie.

  6. I made a dish over 6 months with smoked mozzarella & NB still talks about how tatsy it was, so glad you discovered its deliciousness!

  7. Smoked mozzarella - really good on a thin crust pizza with roasted corn and red onions. Yummy.

  8. You know, I've yet to jump on the Glee or Modern Family bandwagons, but now that you've likened it to Arrested Development I'm ready to sit down and watch them right.this.second. I miss Arrested Development with the fury of a thousand suns.

    ...alright, maybe not that much. But a lot. A whole lot.

  9. Frances Bean v. Miley. Hilarious. Though I hate for J. Radin to be caught in the trap of lameness. He's not as dark as Morrissey, but he is my current musical obsession, and I basically haven't had one since Vauxhall & I days in 1994. At his concert Joshua said he likes sad girls. Now if that doesn't invite Morrissey comparison, I don't know what does. Well, actually, sad girls like Morrissey. I'm not sure he much cares who likes him. That may be one good difference.

  10. PS: Glee. Pretty much my high school experience to a T. HAHA. Still, I do see a little of myself in Rachel. I went upstairs and crooned Heart's "Alone" to Zack after the episode. He didn't care for it.

  11. I love Modern Family. Definitely a new must see.


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