Friday, October 9, 2009

The table I'm not sitting at

I miss my old stomping grounds. Fall in New Mexico, the smell of chile roasting in the air, front porches with friends and vino, politics on the brain... sigh. It's been too long, Land of Enchantment. Besides making my green chile stew and chatting with the friends I left behind, I also do things like watch Albuquerque talk shows to fill my void. But not just any Albuquerque talk show... the one hosted by my dear friend (and our wedding officiant!) Gene. This particular episode of inFocus begins with a reporters' roundtable that also features one of my favorite women on the planet (an m!), Marjorie. Marjorie and Gene's post-election talk is the stuff of our dinner parties at the Forrester house, or nights at the brewpub, or... sorry, I'm reminiscing again. (Can't Help Myself Memory: Marjorie and Gene's speech the night before our wedding was one of my favorite moments of the entire weekend. Marjorie spoke about my commitment to social justice, and then Gene reenacted me "kicking Albuquerque in the balls" during my tenure there. Now those are some great friends.)

For the second half of the show, Gene's regular panel comes in, and there's my pal Sophie, too. It's like a "Maggie's life, 2002-2007" flashback, in one 50-minute segment.

Can you tell I miss engagement in local politics? Hi friends!

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