Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall in a glass

Much like my summertime sipping preference, my preferred drink for the fall embodies the season in a glass. It's multi-layered, warming, and temperamental, with a big pay-off. When the air takes on a hint of crispness, all I want to drink is an Old Fashioned.

The Old Fashioned is a simple cocktail made with bourbon, simple syrup, bitters, and fruit, and it's of course a classic, part of the reason I love ordering it. This drink is solidly sexy; there's no pretty glass or anything masking its essence. Here's my secret, though - as sexy as it is for a girl to order a masculine drink at a bar, what the Old Fashioned conceals to onlookers is the layers at work within the glass. If the top of the drink is sexy - it's stiff, it gets your attention, it's not messing around - then the bottom is pure girl - it's sweet and fruity and the reward for finishing. The way those layers combine and change with each sip is complete magic, and the kind of thing that I have the time and inclination to appreciate in autumn. What's more, the Old Fashioned is made for drinking in cozy, dark, book- and wood-lined bars that are my favorite kinds of places to hide out. (Or, you know, my couch with a book and snuggly throw.) Win-win.

Happy sipping this fall.


  1. Love your description of the drink itself and the best place to enjoy it - so fall! I'll have to give one of these a try soon.


  2. Did I tell you this is one of our cocktails at our wedding? It is, with homemade pickled cherries (I now need to learn how to pickle cherries). I can't wait. We may even have a bourbon bar, although some tell me that "brown liquor equals angry drunks." Not sure what that's about.

    I'm glad to know another girl who appreciates such a sexy, age-proved cocktail. Come to New York and we'll find some dusty, musty old corners to drink them in.


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