Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The First Six Months: Home Office

My office has the only original paint color in the house that I actually like. I need to hang a few more things on the wall in here, which will involve taking all the books off the bookcases and moving them down toward the wall. As you might imagine, it's an easy task to postpone.

Home Office, Done
  • Nothing... plug and play with this one.
Home Office, To Do
  • Push bookcases toward the window for more wall space to hang art
  • Install blinds
  • Replace light/fan
Home Office, Paint
  • Primary Color: Unidentified light blue from previous homeowners
  • Trim and Door: not Mythic Bright White

Note: For this week's First Six Month Series, I'm using the realtor photos that advertised our house as the "Move-in" photo, and my own images for "6 months later."


    rosie said...

    I love that NC pillow! :)

    (And loving your home updates, too. You're making me excited to buy my next home! Renting is no fun.)

    SLynnRo said...

    I LOVE YOUR HOUSE MARGARET! I have got to come visit!

    Carolyn said...

    I like the desk and storage -it looks compact but very useful -where did it come from?

    Charlotte said...

    I'm going to ask two completely stalker-ish questions. Ready? Okay.

    a) Do you tend to paint your ceilings or leave them their original color?
    b) How are your books organized?

    Now for a rather pointless comment: I love that your Harry Potter books are actually in plain sight. Mine live in a box on the bottom shelf of a bookcase.

    Maggie said...

    Thanks Rosie!

    Yes indeed, Slynnro.

    Hi Carolyn - The desk is an Ikea Expedit. It's perfect for my home office needs, and CHEAP.

    Charlotte: Haven't touched the ceilings. They all need work, but since we're tearing up our downstairs ceilings when we take out the recessed lighting, we figure they can get prettied-up then. As for the books... hurriedly thrown onto the shelves out of the box, save for some easy collections like Harry Potter that were easy to organize, as you noticed. :-)

    LPC said...

    Oooh I like that armchair.

    Maggie said...

    Why thanks, LPC! It's covered in some fabric I found ten years or so ago, and I still love it, too.

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